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Example of stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness is writing or saying everything that comes into your head in a continuous stream. Some novels have sections or are written wholly in a stream of consciousness, for example, "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf.

What is piecewise smooth function

f is a piecewise smooth funtion on [a,b] if f and f ' are piecewise continuous on [a,b]

Which sentence suggests the least amount of psychic distance

Katia was going to teach them a lesson they'd never forget.

No way, she thought, this is ridiculous.

Which sentence suggests the greatest amount of psychic distance

There once lived a miserly, miserable old man.

Which question might a reader ask in order to gauge the psychic distance of a piece of writing

How close am I to the character's thoughts

Which is a classic type of unreliable narrator

A liar

A child

Which effect could best be created using an unreliable narrator

A character who seems naïve may have a moment of sudden insight.

What question might a reader ask to determine whether a narrator is unreliable

How honestly does the narrator represent the world

Does the narrator have something to hide/cover up. Does he have reason to "pad the truth"

Does the narrator actually understand what is going on

Is the narrator biased

Does the narrator contradict what he/she says

What is the most likely risk in choosing an unreliable narrator

A reader may not connect with a character who seems dishonest.

Which best describes the shift in psychic distance

It becomes larger, moving from head to outside

Which best explains the definition of stream of consciousness

Narration that tries to imitate the patterns of real thought.

What does the term psychic distance mean

How close the reader feels to the story's characters and events.

How can psychic distance influence tone

A larger psychic distance usually creates a less inimate tone.

A closer psychic distance can create a more intimate tone.

Which sentence suggest the greatest amount of psychic distance

a man stands alone, in costume, on an empty stage

What is one reason a writer might choose to write in third person limited

The writer wants to write from one characters perspective only. Apex

Why might a writer vary the psychic distance in a piece of writing

to show a moment from slightly diffferent perspective

Why might a writer choose to use an unrealiable narrator

Unreliable narrators create tension by raising questions about the story's truth. Apex::::

Which question might help reader gauge the tone of a piece of writing

How formal does the writing seem

What is the best definition of tone in writing apex

The feeling or attitude the writing suggests

Why would a writer hint at the truth of a story undermining an unreliable narrator

The writer wants you to realize that the narrator is unreliable, and to take everything they've said with a grain of salt.

What is the best explanation of the term unreliable narrator

a narrator who doees not view similarly like others

What identifies the psychic distance in the sentence once upon a time there lived a king and queen

The psychic distance is large because the reader sees the characters from the outside

Which is an example of indirect characterization

Indirect characterization is when the author conveys something about a character through how they act or speak rather than saying it in the narration. So an example of indirect characterization is anything that shows who a person rather than something like, "She was a very angry person."

Which of the following would be a good topic sentence for an example paragraph

in general cross-country jumping is not a popular sport but here are certain

states where it is quite popular

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