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How do you make homework fun

You just have to have peace/quiet, concentrate, and think of just having one more page even though you have like 10. Also you should take 10 min breaks that should help and make it fun.

What is the coding language used to create webpages called


What is intellectual property and four example of intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to creative endeavors to which exclusive rights can be applied. Copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets are the major types of intellectual property.

What type of password is the strongest

The strongest type of passwords contains large and small letters as well as numbers and symbols. The longer the password is the stronger it is.

What is the code HTML for

HTML is the code that tells a web browser how to display a web page on your computer screen.

Why do authors put the heading in bold print

To make them stand out because the bold words look more important.

What is the main purpose of a web crawler program


What web design software would allow the web designer to create videos

flash apex:)

What is the major difference between cyber vandalism and online piracy

vandals went to disrupt and showoff a viewpoint; the goal of online piracy is to steal money

What is true about biometrics as an authentication method

computer scientists are always trying to improve biometric authentication methods

How is a non-disclosure agreement an important tool for businesses

It clearly defines for all parties exactly what information is to be considered confidential (apex)

Which of the following examples requires a citation in a paper you're writing

a direct quotation that is marked off by quotation marks

What is a major purpose of patents trademarks and copyright protections in a capitalist society

To reward creative and innovative individuals

Worms and Trojan horses are examples of .


When should you change passwords

every couple of months or whenever you give it to someone else -apex

Steps is the LEAST effective step to keep young people safe from online predators

Take away their computer and phone if you catch them in a chat room.

The concept that allows certain professions to use copyrighted material without permission in their work is called .

Fair use

How is plagiarism both easier and harder in the Internet age

easier because you have access -apex

Laws protect intellectual property.

Yes, they do.

If you're asking what those laws are called, it's usually one of copyright, patent, or trademark.

What is a category of authentication tools

something you have~APEX :)

Is NOT a required element of the MLA style of Internet citation

The websites URL : Apex :)

What would be an example of an ethical guideline for an online provider of prescription drugs

Ensuring that the expiration date has not passed.

What would provide structured content that would indicate what the code is describing

XML (apex)

What HTML tag would you use to indicate a line break


How does Computer identity theft differs from theft in the real world in what major

Identity theft can affect your credit without your knowledge~APEX :)

What is the best way to waterproof a leather handbag

You can apply a clear coat to the bag to make it water resistant, but it may prove impossible to make it fully waterproof.

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