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The heart has several types of neural tissue. One is the sinoatrial node, the other is the atriole ventricular node. Then there is the the bundle of His, and the Purkengie fibers.

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Q: Can you find nervous tissue in the heart?
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The heart has what tissue in it?

Heart has cardiac tissue. It is striated like skeletal muscle, but is under control of the autonomic nervous system.

Which is the area of specialized nervous tissue in the heart that is known as the pacemaker of the heart?

sinoatrial node

What body tissue transmits electrochemical impulses?

Nervous tissues are notorious for conducting the electrical as well as chemical impulses. The later occurring at synapsis which is the cleft between the connection of two nerve endings. Also heart cells can conduct electrochemical impulses.

Which term does not belong with the following grouping epithelium heart muscle tissue nervous system connective tissue?

The nervous system is a collection of organs and tissues.While the others are tissues.

What type of muscle tissue would you find in the heart?

Cardiac muscle tissue and connective tissue would be found in the heart.

What tissue has the ability to react to stimuli?

nervous tissue

Tissue that forms nerves and the brain?

Nervous (nerve) tissue.

What is a example of the muscle tissue in the human body?

Your heart

What is the main 4 types of tissue found in your body?

The main four types of tissue found in the body are epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue. Epithelial tissue covers the body surface and lines internal organs. Connective tissue provides support and structure for the body. Muscle tissue allows for movement and contractibility. Nervous tissue transmits and processes information in the body.

What are the three main tissues in a heart?

The three main tissues in the heart are the myocardium (muscular tissue responsible for pumping blood), endocardium (inner lining of the heart chambers), and epicardium (outer layer of the heart).

Which tissue have little to no functional regeneration capacity?

Cardiac muscle tissues have little to no functional regeneration capacity. Unlike other tissues in the body, cardiac muscle cells cannot effectively regenerate after injury, which is why heart damage from a heart attack can have lasting effects.

What are Heart Tissue?

The heart is a muscle, and as such has multiple tissues. The main tissue is cardiac muscle cells. These are striated, branched muscle cells held together with intercalated discs. Connective tissue forms a sac around the heart, and epithelial tissue forms blood vessels within the heart. Therefore, the heart contains all four types of tissue. It is mostly muscle tissue. Connective tissue forms a protective sac and holds the heart together, epithelial tissue forms the blood vessels, and nervous tissue carries impulses to and away from the heart. this is all true! ~Trenasian was here!