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You need to take the full course of the antibiotics given to you. This is stated on the instruction sheet. Oh man, that sucks that you have bladder infection, or someone you know does. I had bladder problems to, with my kidneys. :( sad day. But, if the doctor prescribed you with antibiotics, I would say that it would heal if you followed the directions of how much you should take a day or hour and if you follow those directions, it should be healed as soon as your doctor takes you off the antibiotics. :) But Im no doctor so I am not sure. Just keep taking the pills. :) -MooMay17

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antibiotics is something you dont prescribe yourself. This is something for the doctor to see. In the first place a bladder infection has do be diagnosed. In the case you are just doing research for this I will give you the name of several antibiotics used for this condition.

Amoxicillin or Augmentin


Doxycycline (should not be used under age 8)


Sulfa drugs (sulfonamides)


Quinolones (should not be used in children)

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An uncomplicated urinary tract infection should have some lessening of symptoms within 72 hours of starting antibiotics; if it doesn't, you should call your health care provider to discuss continuing symptoms.

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2 to 3 days

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Q: How long does the antibiotic take to work to get rid of chlamydia?
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How do you prevent chlamydia psittaci?

Chlamydia psittaci can be prevented by warning people who have birds as pets, or who work around birds, to be careful to avoid contact with the dust and droppings of these birds. Sick birds can be treated with an antibiotic in their feed.

How long does it take for amoxicillin drops to work on cats?

As with humans, amoxicillin can take time to work on a cat, sometimes as long as a few days. It is important to continue with this antibiotic until the medication runs out, even if all signs of infection disappear.

How long does it take azithromycin to clear all symptoms of chlamydia?

Per CDC recommendations, patients being treated should avoid oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse (even with a condom) until 7 days have passed since the last partner completed treatment with azithromycin (Zithromax, Zmax). Chlamydia can damage the body, but the germ is gone after effective treatment is completed. Even though azithromycin treats chlamydia with a single dose, it doesn't work immediately. After taking one dose treatment, it continues to work in your body over the course of the next week.

Why antibiotic is used for 7 days but not for 2 or 3 days?

Two or three days wouldn't be long enough for the antibiotic to properly work

How long does the antibiotic z pack work after finishing it?

How long does it take to kick in, I am on the 4th day, given for sinus infection, now it has gone into my chest, don't feel any better yet.

Can you get chlamydia from someone you work with?

Chlamydia is not transmitted via casual contact.

How can chlamydia show up in lab work but not in pap?

Chlamydia shows up in a chlamydia test. It doesn't show up in pap smears or other lab work. These other tests are not meant to find chlamydia.

Does amoxicillin cure chlamydia?

Amoxicillin is not a first choice for treatment of chlamydia. The first-line treatment is azithromycin 1 g for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients. Only pregnant patients unable to take azithromycin are prescribed amoxicillin.

How often should you take 500mg eritromicina to avoid infection after tooth surgery?

You should take the antibiotic in the amount and the time period the doctor recommends. If you do not finish the regimen, the antibiotic will not work properly.

Can antibiotics get rid of chlamydia?

The best antibiotic for chlamydia depends on patient characteristics like age, medical history, allergy status, and other medications. At this point, 1 g of azithromycin is the cheapest and easiest alternative. Both this treatment and doxycycline 100 mg twice daily for seven days work equally well.

How long do anarexol take to work?

How long does it take to work

How long does it take for MRSA treatment to start working?

Generally an antibiotic treatment for MRSA will start to work within a few days. If there is no noticeable difference after this time, the person should contact their doctor.