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Sneezing, running nose, also a sore throat after waking up in the morning, and last but not least frequent headaches. Black mold can sometimes be dangerous, but most of the time it is just an allergy nightmare. If you have high volumes of the mold you may want to consider remediation. But if the levels are low, hit it with some very diluted bleach, and be careful not to breath the bleach or mold in while cleaning.

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Q: What are some of the black mold symptoms?
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What are some medical symptoms associated with black mold?

The primary symptoms of black mold exposure are allergy-type symptoms such as runny nose, hives, teary eyes, etc.

What are the symptoms of black mold poisoning?

Some symptoms of black mold poisoning are memory loss, headaches, cough and rashes or hives amongst other things.

What are some health symptoms that can be caused by black mold?

When exposed to black mold, symptoms may seem very flu-like and can include headaches, skin irritation and respiratory problems.

What are some of the symptoms of inhaling black mold?

Inhalation of black mold symptoms are: itchy throat, asthma, sinus headache and or nasal congestion. There are many more symptoms also. It would be a good idea to see a doctor.

Are black mold symptoms similiar to allergy symptoms?

Several of the symptoms are similar for both problems. However, with black mold, symptoms include memory loss and less brain function.

What are the common black mold symptoms?

Common black mold symptoms are sneezing, skin irritation, headache, coughing, watery eyes, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and chills. Black mold can result cause brain and lung damage as well as cancer.

What type of doctor should I contact if I am experiencing black mold symptoms?

You can see a doctor that is a general practitioner. Just inform the doctor that you have been exposed to black mold and advise them of your symptoms..

How serious are the symptoms of mold allergies?

Some people have extremely serious symptoms of mold allergies. It varies from person to person.

What are some symptoms of bad mold?

Some symptoms of bad mold are runny nose to asthma. some bad mold can trigger allergic rhinitis, also skin problems, itchy eyes, and breathing problems.

What kind of symptoms should I look for if I had a black mold poisoning?

You should look for headache, rash, difficulty breathing/irregular breathing, dizziness, and nausea. For a complete list of symptoms, you can check (

What kind of symptoms can a person get from having black mold in their home?

An allergic reaction to black mold can be serious and fatal,trouble breathing is a big warning sign.

What are some symptons of an allergic reaction to black mold?

Couching up blood, dizziness, nose bleeds, chest congestion, vomiting, anemia, skin rashes, memory loss, and death can all be symptoms of black mold allergies.