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Q: Can a defibrillator kill you then revive you again?
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What are the shocker things that the doctor uses to revive a patient?

It is called a defibrillator.

How do you revive in battlefield 3?

The assault class in BF3 has a defibrillator. equip it, run over to your dead comrade, and hit the shoot button. if he is still able to be revived, then it should revive him and give you 100 points

What is a antonym for revive?

Antonyms for revive would be kill, weaken, discourage, destroy.

Would you rather kill a dog or kill a cat?

Dogs, Cats Strangely Revive!

Who played bass on Revive Us Again by Kim Hill?

Don Harris(formerly of The Maranatha Praise Band) played bass on Revive Us Again for Kim Hill

Can you make a defibrillator from a car battery?

NO,,,it would more than likely kill the victim by electrocution.

How do you revive a perm?

get a haircut, it will spring back up again

After performing CPR on a person who was pronounced dead what is the survivor rate?

CPR is not meant to revive some one. They were pronounced dead because they had CPR performed on them and had a defibrillator used on them and they still did not regain a heart beat.

Can an Defibrillator jump start a car battery?

NO! i don't know for sure but you might kill them it's just really stupid if your that desperate just keep doing CPR

Is there a song with the chorus that says i am so blessed my soul is at rest oh lord i give you thanks?

I believe it is "Thanks" by Alvin Slaughter from Revive Us Again I believe it is "Thanks" by Alvin Slaughter from Revive Us Again

Can head lice revive?

No but if you don't kill all of the eggs, they hatch into new lice.

What is the use for an automated external defibrillator?

it can start your heart back beating again; especially good for a heart attack