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Q: How did politics public discourse and social reaction lead to divisions in Georgia after Reconstruction?
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N. Gash has written: 'Reaction and reconstruction in English politics, 1832-1852'

One Southern reaction to Congressional Reconstruction was the use of racist secret societies to obstruct Reconstruction policies by intimidation One such society was the?

Well its definitely not "patrons of husbandry and the grange."

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How did the southern states act to reconstruction.?

it hurt because the taxes were very high and they had no money to do the Reconstruction. after the war confederate money was worthless. people who have loaned money to the south were never paid back. it help because Abe Lincoln the 16 president outlined his 10% plan for the reconstruction. It helped the south go back into the union and if they did the south would be more faster to build. ~Bms's Anonymous

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