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approximately 16 different countries

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2013-05-13 10:19:16
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Q: How many countries were involved in the Korean War?
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What democratic countries where involved in the Korean War?

See website: Korean War (there is a list)

Who was invoved in the Korean War?

See the website on the: Korean War. It will show a list of countries involved with the war.

What was the public opinion of The Korean War?

Public opinion in which country? Many countries were involved.

Why was Canada involved in the Korean war?

Canada was involved in Korea, because, like many countries, they were requested by the UN to do so.

Leaders of countries involved in Korean War?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of the US during the Korean war

How many peoplesoldiers were involved in the Korean War?

See website: Korean War

Who did not help in the Korean War?

many countries did not help with the Korean War.

How many country involved in Korean war?

There are 6 main countries that are actively involved in the Korean Conflict today. They are North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the USA

How many countries were involved in the war?

123 countries involved in the war

What countries involved in the Korean War?

See Korean War website; the UN was involved, covering approximately 16 different countries, not counting the communists.

What countries were involved in Korean War?

In the Korean War, the fighting took place on the Korean Peninsula. The war was part of a larger competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, known as the Cold War.

What were the countries involved in the Korean War and what persent of the people come from these countries?

russia and the united states were the main outside forces in the Korean war along with 19 other countries. hi im cool

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