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No it was a Dictatorship, run by many dictators, like the senate as a body, this was the reason Julius Caesar was murdered, he wanted to run the whole show by himself and wanted to be Holy Roman Emperor (Like a god!)

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2009-11-15 14:48:16
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Q: Was the roman empire a democracy?
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Who was first the roman republic the roman empire or the athenian democracy and in what order?

Athenian democracy, Roman Republic, Roman Empire

Was the Roman Empire a direct democracy?

no Athens was a direct democracy. The Roman Empire practiced republic and some other types of governments.

How did the governemtns of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire differ?

The Empire was virtually a dictatorship and the republic was a democracy

What type of democracy did the Roman Empire have?

The Roman Empire was not a democracy, there were no votes and no voted elected officials. It was however designed as a Republic which had appointed representation, Senators.

How were the political systems of the Roman empire and the Roman republic different?

the Empire was virtually a Dictatorship and the republic was a democracy

How did the spread of Christianity impact democracy?

Christianity first spread around the Roman Empire. There was no democracy in this empire. It also spread around areas of Europe outside the former Roman Empire during the Middle Ages. There was no democracy in this period either.

Why wasn't roman empire able to implement a direct democracy?


Is the roman empire's government democracy autocracy or aristocracy?


Was rome a democracy?

The Roman Empire was a republic, also known as a representative democracy. Today, this is the form of government for most countries.

What freedom do American democracy has today that was clearly not recognized in the roman Empire?

Womans rights.

What is one freedom that American democracy has today that was clearly not recognized by the Roman Empire?

The freedom for elected congressmen to ignore the will of the people who elected them. The Roman Empire did not have an elected Senate.

How does the Ancient Roman Empire impact your life today?

The Roman Empire has been affecting us in a lot of different ways. They have created a form of government called a democracy.

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