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It stopped slavery."

Try again. The south had already outlawed the importation of slaves with its Articals of Confederation. Also just so that everyone knows the Emancipation Proclomation was total bulls**t. Pull it out and read it and you will know that it only freed slaves in areas of the Confederacy not controlled by the North; it was nothing more than Propaganda. Now why don't we talk about the fact that Robert E Lee had never owed a slave and your great Abe Lincoln married a woman who owed slaves. Or about how your great Abe Lincoln wanted to put all the slaves on ships and send them back to Africa or the East Indies. Now why don't you do a little research for yourself and stop listing to what is spoon fed to you by the media and/or accepted history.

What changed after the Civil War? States we forced to secede their power to the Federal government. It's why we now have a nanny state.

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Q: What changes were made after the Civil War?
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