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Q: What did the Italians leave behind when they left their homeland to come to America?
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Why did the Italians leave their homeland?

There are quite a few reasons why Italians may have left their homeland. One reasons is that they needed jobs.

Why did Italians leave homeland?

For food nd more jobs or to start a better life

Why did indentured servitude leave their homeland?

If you mean leave Britain as their homeland then, because they heard America was a great new place and you could find many new jobs there.

Why did Eric the Red leave his homeland?

Why did Eric the Red leave his homeland?

Why did the Italians come to America?

Italians came to America for the same reasons that every other ethnic group came: a better life. Rumors were rampant that the streets of America were paved with gold, everyone was rich, and life was at the highest standard. They hoped to leave behind sad memories, gain religious freedom, and have rich farmland and share in the wealth of Americans. It took awhile and they had to work hard, but they eventually achieved what they all hoped for.

What is it called when people willingly choose to leave their homeland?

voluntary migrationWhen people willingly choose to leave their homeland

Why did the pilgrims leave their homeland and come to america?

They wanted to remove themselves and their children from the unhealthy secular influences of English society.

Why the Italians leave their country to Australia?

Poverty, usually.

Why did son leave their homeland?

To go to war.

Why did the colonist want to leave their homeland?

The colonists wanted to leave there homeland because they were looking for gold and riches in the new world. they wanted to have less diseases so therefore they had to leave.

Why did the vikings flee from their homeland?

Overpopulation and a lack of habitable land , caused the vikings to leave their homeland.

Why did the European settlers leave?

why did many European settlers want to leave their homeland

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