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These people were called a loyalist or Tory.

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Q: What do you call a colonists who supported the british and opposed independence?
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Where did the name loyalist come from?

Loyalists were American colonists who supported the English as opposed to Patriots who supported independence from England.

What colonists opposed the Declaration of Independence?

The colonists who opposed the Declaration of Independence were called loyalists. Many of the loyalists either stayed silent (because loyalists were usually the victims of hate crimes) or they joined the British army to quell the rebellion.

Colonists who opposed independence from Britain were called?

Loyalists opposed independence while Patriots favored independence.

Colonists who opposed independence from britain?


Did the declaration reflect the opinions of all the colonists at the time?

No. The usual thinking is that about one-third of the colonists supported independence, about one-third opposed it, and the other third had no strong opinion on the matter.

A colonist who opposed British rule?

Colonists who opposed British rule were called patriots.

Colonists who opposed independence from England were called?


The name given to the colonists who opposed independence?

the answer is Tories.

The British system of mercantilism was opposed by many American colonists because it?

user-generated content: report abuse The British system of mercantilism was opposed by many American colonists because it? they had tasted economic independence for too long of a period just to sink back to british mercantilism policies

What were American colonists called who were opposed to American independence?


Who is a colonists who opposed British rule?

Patrick Henry

What were the colonists called who opposed the British?

The colonists who opposed the British were called 'Whigs'. Those who favored British and her King, were called 'Tories'. Those nicknames were also used earlier in the Reformation in England. Two other nicknames were 'Patriots' for the colonists and 'Loyalists' for the British supporters.

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