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AFL Stands for Australian Football League, which was originated in Melbourne, Australia.

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Q: What does AFL stands for?
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Which country is AFL?

afl is only australian,afl it stands for Australian Football League

What do the letter AFL stand for in sporting terms?

AFL stands for Australian Football League

Is the AFL named after someone?

No. It stands for Australian Football League.

Is A F L an Australian game?

AFL Stands for Australian Football League.

How did NFL get their name?

Well im not sure how, but NFL stands for National Football League. There used to be the AFL (American Football League) but the NFL and AFL merged.

What is the AFLCIO?

AFL-CIO stands for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, which is founded in 1886

Is afl a acromyns?

yes it is, it stands for Australian Football League, which is the highest league level of Australian Rules Football

What is the difference in salaries between the AFL and AFL 2?

There is no AFL 2!

Where can you AFL tops from?

the afl store

Which AFL team joined the AFL in 1995?

The Fremantle Dockers joined the AFL in 1995.

What does NFL and AFL stand for in football?

AFL stands for the Australian Football League.Or Austrian football league in soccerAlternate Answer:Um, I think the OP was referring to American football, and in that case, NFL stands for National Football League, and AFL could stand for two things: the American Football league (which was a separate football league until it merged with the NFL in 1970) or the Arena football league, which is a current indoor football league that plays on smaller fields than the NFL.

Where do the afl play their match?

where do afl do their match

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