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It usually averages out to two adults, two children, but with the Baby Boomers coming up some will look after their parents so it ranges from 4 - 5 per household.


The U.S. Census is the official source for this type of info. 2.59 is the actual accepted value based on the 2000 census data ( That number may change when the 2010 data is counted. 4-5 persons per household is an inaccurately high value for this metric.
I think its 3-4....

anyone can help with this???

The 2000 US Census has indicated an average of 2.59 persons per household in the US. indicates an average of 2.62 persons per household in 2006 (source unknown). I'm sure this will change when 2010 census numbers are published.

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Q: What is the average number of people per household in the US?
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