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The Huns or Jerry or Krauts

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Q: What was the name of the Derogatory that was given to the Germans?
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What names were given to the Germans during World War 1?

Heinie or Boche are WWI derogatory terms for the Germans. Kraut may also have been used then, but really only came into general use in WWII.

What were the name of the Germans given the role for SS Shooting?

robin click

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I'm looking for what Les Schleus means. I know its a French slang for Germans in WWII but what does it mean?

"Les Schleus" is a derogatory slang term used by French people during World War II to refer to Germans, particularly German soldiers invading France. It is a derogatory and disrespectful term that was used as a way to insult and demean the German occupants.

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It is called the Holocaust, when Nazi Germany executed 600,000,000 Jews. The Germans did not name it that, that is what the event was given for a name for what Adolf Hitler did.

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die Mauer. The road that ran alongside it was Mauerstrasse--Wall Street.

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