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Concentration camps were torturous and painful.

Inmates had to work and do hard labour, men arguably had to do more physically demanding jobs. People had to wear clothes resembling a pair of pajamas that had been worn before. People were beaten by guards and made to do seemingly illogical tasks. The camps were cold, wet, damp, and muddy. Jews were starved to death. There were outbreaks of harmful diseases such as Typhus. In the ghettos people often died at such a rate that the disposal of the corpses could not keep up, so; bodies were often piled up in streets.

Also they were put in gas chambers. they would be forced to take all their clothes off and go in to a big room this room was filled with up to two thousand Jews and a doctor would pour gas pellets into the room. Dead bodies would then be processed, gold teeth and hair would be harvested and the corpses searched. The corpses would then be burned in a special oven called a crematorium.

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Q: What were the conditions in concentration camps during the Holocaust?
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