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Maya women rose and started the fires before 4:00 AM. Women made breakfast toasting leftover corn meal pancakes. By 5 AM men had finished eating and left for the fields with their sons. There they harvested their maze. At midafternoon men and boys would turn from their fields and sometimes hunt or check their traps along the way. They would kill birds with blowpipes and clay pellets. Sometimes they also hunted with spears. When the men got home they had hot baths waiting for them.(Some cities had community baths)After bathing men had dinner but the women didn't eat with the men. The women served the men and then ate their dinner later. Dinner could include commeal, black beans, meat, maize, rabbit and turkey. After dinner men usually worked at making wooden and jade things which were sometimes used in trade. Women would spin cotton and weave.

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2011-04-05 15:54:42
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Q: What were the role of women in the Mayan society?
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