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Union Advantages:
  • Banking, Factories, Ships
  • Experianced Government
  • More railroads to transport supplies, equipment and men.
  • Large Navy
  • Larger Population; 22 million to 9 million
Confederacy Advantages:
  • Trading with Europe
  • Best Military Officers
  • Long Coast lines make it difficult to blockade
  • Fighting on own soil
  • Land in South is heavily wooded making easy ambushes and retreats
Union Disadvantages:
  • Not in complete agreement over the abolition of slavery
  • Lost alot of good officers to the South
  • Going into unknown lands
Confederacy Disadvantages:
  • Small Navy
  • Long Coastline hard to defend
  • Little industry and factory production
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Q: What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and the Confederacy in preparation for the Civil War?
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What were some weaknesses of the Confederacy in the Civil War?

Some weaknesses of the confederacy in the Civil War were less people and less area to stay in, meaning the Union could capture it easier.

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the royalists army in the civil war?

strenghts: they were sexier weaknesses: not as eager for sex

What strengths and weaknesses did the Union have in the Civil war?

The Union: *Larger population *Better resources The Confederacy: *excellent military leaders *a strong fighting spirit *The Confederacy also knew the land and had the will to defend it because most of the war was fought in the South*

Where can you find graphs showing the North and South's strengths and weaknesses in the Civil War?

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The strngths and weaknesses are defined irrationally. Although they do grant Personal civil liberties to minority groups they are defined lightly. some people feel as if in lamesn terms they give too much freedom.

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and the Confederacy for the beginning of the Civil War?

{| |- | The Northern States had a solid manufacturing infrastructure. The Southern states had a more consolidated base with internal lines of communication. The Union was able to surround the Southern states and cut off their ability to get suppliers that they were unable to make. |}

What opposed the confederacy during the civil war?

the union opposed the confederacy in the civil war.

What opposed the confederacy?

Who opposed the Confederacy?The Union opposed the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Union was the North and the Confederacy was the South.

What strengths and weaknesses did each side have in the civil war?

The South had superior army leadership while the North had the factories capable of making the supplies and equipment needed to wage war.

During the civil war was Texas a member of the confederacy or the union?


What was the confederacy in the civil war 1860?

The Confederacy as a nation did not exist in 1860.

Who During civil war who opposed the confederacy?

The union opposed confederacy.

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