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Q: Which early political party formed to promote a strict construction of the Constitution and a weak central government?
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Which early political party formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government?

The Democratic political party was formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government. The Democratic Party believes the Constitution is only a guideline.

What political belief was central to the federalist?

The constitution was the foundation of the federal government.

Does the federalist support loose or strict construction?

A weak central government. a confederation, and individual rights.

What is Loose Construction in the 1800s?

Is a view that the constitution should not be taken literally. This loose interpretation of the constitution would allow the Federal Government the rights that are not explicitly stated in the constitution. Alexander Hamilton supported this theory which allowed for a strong central government.

Supporters of the Constitution thoughtthat the central government should?

Supporters of the Constitution thought that the central government should

What difference between a strong central government and a weak central government led to which political parties being formed?

a strong government has the power to make laws for the whole country and this political system is adopted by the United States,however a weak government has no the power to make laws or even to decide for the whole country this polictical system was adopted by the united states before writing the constitution.

On what two political concepts did James Madison base the Constitution?

One of the political concepts that James Madison based the Constitution on was the fact that the Virginia Plan he had helped draft, was working and should be an example. He also believed that the people should be governed by a strong, central government.

How In the US what document specifies which powers belong to the central government and which go to the states?


The writers of the United States Constitution created a federal form of government primarily to?

To strengthen the power of the central government. The preceding Articles of the Confederation gave too much power to the states, and left too little power to the central government, as shown by Shays' Rebellion. A stronger central power was necessary, and thus the Constitution was born.

Why were federalists in favor of the Constitution?

They wanted a strong central government

Why were anti Federalist to the constitution?

The proposed Constitution created a central government with too much power

What do you think it meant when it was said that the Constitution provided a framework for a stronger central government?

I think it meant that the Constitution made the Central Goverment stronger.