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Feudalism is a political and social system that was prevalent in medieval Europe, characterized by a hierarchical structure in which lords or nobles owned and controlled land, and granted land to vassals or serfs in exchange for services or loyalty. The feudal system was based on the idea of the "feudal contract," which defined the reciprocal obligations between lords and vassals.

Under feudalism, land was the basis of wealth, power, and social status, and owning land provided the holder with certain rights and privileges. The lord of the land had sovereignty, or supreme authority, over the territory, and was responsible for maintaining Law and Order, administering justice, and providing protection to his vassals. In exchange for these services, the vassals were obligated to provide military service, labor, and other forms of support to the lord.

Thus, in feudalism, land ownership and sovereignty were closely linked. The lord's ownership of the land provided him with the power to govern and control the people who lived on that land, and the vassals' loyalty and obedience were tied to their status as tenants on that land. The feudal system was therefore a system of social, economic, and political relationships that were centered around land ownership and the exercise of sovereignty over that land.

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Q: Why is feudalism basically a landed property with sovereignty?
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