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Because it was a masterpiece of Old English and an insult to the French! Every word of that speech was the way it would have been said in England in the year 1000, even to the unusual wording "landing-grounds". Every word that is, except for one. He said "we will never surrender" and surrender is a French word and he was disgusted at the way they had capitualted to the Germans.

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Q: Why was Winston churchill's speech Fight them on the beaches important?
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What was sir Winston Churchills most important speech?

never never never give up

What was the thesis of Winston churchills you shall fight them on the beaches?

It was a morale boosting speech for the British public - badly needed because the Germans appeared to be winning the war. The speech ended with him stating "We will never surrender".

What was Winston Churchill's most famous speech?

Churchills most famous speech was known as the Iron Curtain.

Winston churchill famous speech in World War 2?

we will fight them on the beaches

What makes Winston Churchill's 'we shall fight them on the beaches' a memorable speech?

Because the final battles of WWII were on the beaches of Normandy?

Was Winston Churchill's speech you shall fight them on the beaches a success?

Yes, it rallied the country.

When did the churchills iron curtain speech start?

Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain Speech", also called "The Sinews of Peace", was given on March 5, 1946 at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri.

How did Winston Churchills Iron Curtain speech impact the Truman Doctrine?

Churchill's famous speech convinced many Americans that the USSR was an enemy rather than an ally, which led to the creation of the Truman Doctrine.

What was the purpose of Winston churchills their finest hour speech?

To instill a fighting spirit in the people of Britain, and to make it clear to the Germans that an invasion force would be fought all the way.

When did churchill make the you will fight them on the beaches speech?

June 4, 1940, House of Commons. See

What state did Winston churchills iron curtain speech take place?

Winston Churchill made the iron curtain speech at Westminster college in Fulton, Missouri. There is currently a museum dedicated to him and the circumstances surrounding the speech on campus. For the 50th anniversary of the speech there was a black tie dinner attended by several members of his family as well as Margaret Thatcher. I was fortunate enough to sit with her for about ten minutes as we enjoyed two glasses of wine and she lightheartedly compared her own style and public perception to Winston. There is also a restaurant/pub in Fulton named Sir Winston's in honor of that brief moment in history.

Why is churchills speech considered historically important?

Because it was delivered during a critical time period in history

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