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shine a light up the chimney and you should see a metal plate or door with a handle on one end that can be adjusted to be vertical (or open-allowing you to see completely up the chimney or adjusted so that it is completely flat and completely blocking the opening (closed) common sense here. It's simply a door,. opening or closing the flue which is always in the open position when having a fire in the fireplace and is always in the closedpositioned when the fire is completely out and never closed unless the fire is absolutely and positively out!!! For a fireplace to not have a damper (door) would be practically unheard of these days, but, if you check and there is none simply buy a cover or make one yourself and use it only when no fire is present

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Q: Your chimney allows cold air into the house. How do you close it off?
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What is a solar chimney?

a solar chimney is a black painted chimney that attatches to the side of a biulding, it must be taller than the building though. when the sun heats the chimney, the hot air rises drawing the cold air out from under the ground therefore ventialting the house and also cooling on hot days. to cool you can close the vents that the hot air escapes through and insert fans in the chimney and the hot air will be blown around the house.

Why does smoke blow into house and not out of chimney?

Smoke blowing into a house instead of out of the chimney can be due to improper ventilation or draft issues. This can be caused by a cold chimney, air pressure differentials, or obstructions like debris or animal nests blocking the chimney. It is important to address these issues promptly to prevent smoke from entering the living space.

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What did Virgie Ammons invent?

Virgie M. Ammons of Eglon, West Virginia"Inside the fireplace chimney is a device called a "Damper". The damper is opened and closed to allow smoke from the fireplace to be drawn upward out of the house. The "Fireplace Damper Actuating Tool" designed by Ammons allows the damper to be"locked" in the closed position, preventing cold air and dust from blowing down the chimney back into the house."Patent No. 3,908,633 September 30, 1975 Source: Black Facts Online

Is it ever too windy outside to have a fire in an indoor fireplace?

Yes. The wind can suck more heat up the chimney and suck more cold air into the house. I bet you didn't realized that a fireplace in cold weather has to draw cold air from the outside by some means into the house to feed the fireplace updraft. Go figger!

Why is cold air coming in through the gas fireplace?

Your chimney damper is open

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Can lighting a fire in the fireplace with a chimney make the rest of the house colder?

Yes, lighting a fire in the fireplace can make the rest of the house colder if the chimney is not drafting properly. Inadequate drafting can cause smoke and cold air to enter the room instead of drawing warm air out of the house through the chimney. It's important to ensure proper ventilation and maintenance of the chimney to prevent this from happening.