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The primary cause of the Crusades was for the Christians to win back the "Holy Land."

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Q: What was the primary cause of the crusades?
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What major result did the crusades cause?

The crusades marked the split in the midieval times, during the crusades, they cause a social change in Europe turning towards the renaissance era. social change includes a diffrent diet, clothing and arcitecture

How did the European benefit the crusades?

cause they stole money

What did the desire to be released from feudal obligations cause?

The crusades

Was the demand for foreign goods a cause of the crusades?

Spices, gold, and slaves

Why did pope urban order the crusades in 1095?

cause he wanted too

What are the causes and effects of the crusades?

The cause of the crusades on Europe of the middle ages were an important factor in the history of the progress of civilization. Theeffects of the crusades influenced the wealth and power of the catholic church and MORE!hope this helped! :-D

Why were there so many crusades?

the first crusade was a success so later kings thought they could direct successful crusades too cause Muslims recaptured Jerusalem after first crusade but all other crusades failed

The selling of indulgences was a primary cause of Enlightment?

no it wasn't the primary cause for the Enlightment

What was the cause of the medieval Crusades?

Medieval crusades were caused by conflict between Christianity and Islam in Palestine. Christian Europe and Islamic Turcs had interests in the same area.

Why were cities and towns important to the crusades?

cause as armies traveled they would stop for supplies

What was the cause and effects of the crusades?

Cause - to increase land territory and wealth. Effect - life was, good or bad, it shaped the way we are now.

What was the cause of effects of the Crusades?

Cause - to increase land territory and wealth. Effect - life was, good or bad, it shaped the way we are now.