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You need to specify whose major achievements you are referring to if you want to make it possible to answer you question.

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Who is Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus

About 600 BC Rome was conquered by a group from Asia Minor known as the

Roman rule was usually tolerated well because

The history of Rome called The Aeneid was written by

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Q: What were some of the major achievements?
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What were some of the achievements of the romans?

Some of the achievements of the Romans were: 1) their army. It was the greatest fighting machine that the world had ever known and was responsible for the empire's expansion and control. 2) their buildings. Their invention of concrete enabled them to used the dome such as used in the construction of the pantheon and in the Colosseum. 3) their water system. By the use of aqueducts they were able not only to bring fresh water where it was needed but also to invent indoor plumbing. 4) their government. The Roman concept of civil rights can be found in present day democracies. 5) their roads. The majority of Europe was connected to Rome by the construction of their many roads. Parts of some of them can still be used today and some major highways follow the old Roman routs. There are many more achievements of the Romans but the above are some of the major ones.

What are five major achievements of the early Romans?

roman empire Colosseum roman army roman laws circus maximus

What were Commodus achievements?


What are the achievements of the Roman Empire?

the achievements of Rome are very interesting. Their achievements would be doing their job how ever its suppose to be done.And one is how Julius Caesar conquered many lands in his time.

What were some major achievements of the Roman civilization?

The Ancient Romans achieved great success in architecture as even today we still design buildings after theirs, and they also had a superior infrastructure to any other country or empire at the time. They had paved roads that went on for miles and miles stretching across their empire.

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