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Q: Who is know as the father of british Columbia?
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British Columbia province belongs to what capital?

The capital of British Columbia is Victoria. Capital of BC is Victoria (don't know about capitol).

What is the population density of British Columbia?

I dont know does anyone?!?!

Does logging and forestry help British Columbia?

I dont know does it?

Which Canadian province is directly north of the state Washington?

British Columbia is directly north of Washington state.

What is Canada's Pacific province?

Canada's Pacific province is the British Columbia.

Do the British own British Columbia in Canada?

No, British Columbia is owned by Canada.

What does b.c.mean?

British Columbia? That's the only BC I know

In which Canadian province does the Columbia river have its source-quebec or british Columbia?

The Columbia River originates in British Columbia

How for away is Vancouver island from British Columbia?

Vancouver Island is in British Columbia. The capital of British Columbia is even located on it.

When was British Columbia created?

British Columbia was created in 1871.

Island in British Columbia?

Island in British Columbia is Vancouver

What are the states in British Columbia?

British Columbia is Canadian province. There are no states in British Columbia. Nor are there any states in Canada. It has been said, however, that British Columbia is always in a state of euphoria.