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Halloween the witch is out tonight

have you seen her shadow in the sky

so beware dont you dare

take good care

cause the witch is out tonight


I think this might be it:

Halloween the witch is flying high.

Have you seen her shadow in the sky?

So beware, don't you dare to even gloat or ghost will come and scare, if you dare.

And it will come and pull...

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Halloween the witch is flying high...have you seen her shadow Β in the don’t you dare to even boast....or a ghost will come and pull your hair. Β Β 
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Halloween, the witch is riding high

Have you seen her shadow in the sky

So beware, don't you dare to even look

For a ghost to your dismay may hear you say that you do not care,

Say a pray

Or it will come and pull your hair.

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Q: Halloween the witches flying high have you seen their shadows in the sky so beware?
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