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Q: How do you say I love you and miss you a lot always take care?
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How do I say - I will always take care of you in marathi?

you are my love

How do you say anata wa itsumo kiotsukette ne in English?

Literally, it means "I am lonely without you," but in more natural English it means "I miss you."

Always take care your love in spanish?

Cuida a la persona que amas

What is take care always in Japanese?

take care always

Miss you and take care in french?

Miss you is in french "tu me manques" and take care : "prend soin de toi/vous"

How do you take care of your heart and lungs?

Do not fall in love, be happy always. Do not smoke, drink moderately.

What does pendre soin amour toujour mean?

Prendre soin = Take care l'amour toujours = love always

How do mothers take care of their children?

I probally could help. first, mothers care for the child by taking care of them, with love, giving them food, etc. but if it is a baby, give it milk, change its diaper when you have to or when the baby poops, and always with love too.

How can you take care of the places where animals live?

We need to take care the places where animals live because if we don't they will die sometimes if we don't take care of them they be weak and they need us they need love care and most of all they need shelter and always remember do not fight the animals because there like people too who has heart,mind and soul they are people too who lives in the land who take care of there children they eat too to have strenght and to take care of them like dogs, are like people to sometimes they are the guard of the house sometimes they are like one of the family that's how we need to take care the places of the animals there shelter love care are guide them and always care them always.....

How does the human take care of animals?

to care and love them

What does it mean when a bearded dragon claws at the terrarium wall all day?

Take him/her out and play with your beardie! They start to miss their primary care taker and Love being handled

How do you know if the one you love still misses you?

She or He will call you almost everyday , try to take you out for dinner or maybe lunch . Always care about you .