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The Day of the Dead.

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Q: What is the English name for the Mexican holiday el dia da muertos?
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What is the English name for the Mexican holiday dia de los muertos?

hello sweet heart.

What is the name in Spanish for the Mexican holiday All Saints Day or Day of the Dead?

Día de muertos Día de todos los santos o fieles difuntos

What is the spanish name of holiday that honors loved ones?

El dia de los muertos, which translates to "the day of the dead," is a possible answer to your question. There is an accent on the "e" of el "i" of dia.

What is the name for the Spanish Halloween like holiday?

day of the dead or El Día de los Muertos or All Souls' Day

What is the English name for panikoorka?

The English name for panikoorka is Indian borage or Mexican mint.

What does calaveras de azucar mean?

Los calaveras de azucar or "sugar skulls" are significant to the holiday dia de los muertos (day of the daed). The skulls are used to help make a visual representation of the deceased ancestors of the mexican families. The name of the deceased is usually written on the forehead of the skull. This gave a happy remembrance of their loved ones. The skull was not to be seen as a morbid offering, but as a happy and joyful reminder of their past.

What is English name for karpuravalli leaf?

The English name for karpuravalli leaf is Indian Borage or Mexican Mint.

How do you translate the name Genaro in English?

it means little Mexican

What is the name for karpuravalli in english?

The English name for karpuravalli is Indian borage, or Mexican mint.

What does Tracey mean in Mexican?

"Tracey" does not have a specific meaning in Mexican Spanish as it is a name that is the same in both English and Spanish.

Is John a Mexican name?

No, it isn't. The name Juan is John in Spanish. The name John is the English translation of the Hebrew name Yochanan.

What does the Mexican name Ameyel mean?

In English Ameyel means amiabilty, or in spanish amabilidad.