Christmas Music

What are all the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song?

In the Christmas song, "The 12 Days of Christmas", the gifts are:

  • A partridge in a pear tree,
  • Two turtle doves,
  • Three french hens,
  • Four calling birds,
  • Five gold rings,
  • Six geese a-laying
  • Seven swans a-swimming,
  • Eight maids a-milking,
  • Nine ladies dancing,
  • Ten lords a-leaping,
  • Eleven pipers piping,
  • Twelve drummers drumming.
Domestic Dogs

How do I walk my dog with out her chasing a rabbit?

It's simple DON"T WALK HER.

International Football

Why do winners always win?

beats me

Daddy Yankee

What does daddy mean?

It means one's father

Math and Arithmetic

What is the first step in reading a graph?

The first step in reading a graph is to look at the title to learn what the graph is about.

Software and Applications (non-game)

How to provide customers with quality web application support?

Outsourcing is the best option to provide efficient support services of any kind. The same applies to web application support services. For this, you need to look at the best IT support companies in the USA to partner up with. And as per industry knowledge, Sapizon Technologies is an ideal choice.

It is considered a pioneer in rendering efficient customer and technical support services to enhance the businesses of clients. Sapizon comprises seasoned customer support professionals who are available 24/7 to provide accurate resolutions to customer issues.

The best thing about partnering with Sapizon is the customer retention rate and profitability stats of their clients. Also, positive testimonies from various clients suggest that they are fully equipped to provide adequate support to businesses across all domains.

Web application support is important because users encounter problems in a web application from time to time. An efficient web application support system ensures all these problems are resolved without causing any kind of inconvenience to the customer.

The best IT support companies like Sapizon render seamless web application support which includes but is not limited to health monitoring, performance optimization, and log maintenance. According to the SLA agreement, they focus on responding to any tickets raised and resolve them in minimal time.

Apart from that, they can also maintain a blueprint of certain ways in which your application can be enhanced with the planned integration of certain features going forward.

By providing an on-call response for critical incidents related to your web app, we provide insightful resolutions to keep your app running in a smooth flow.

Web Downloads

How do you download dustrust?

Just open Google playstore and search it then download.


Which company provides the best IT Helpdesk Services?

For top-quality IT helpdesk services, you can rely on Sapizon Technologies. They are considered one of the best IT support companies in the UK. By rendering end-to-end customer support services efficiently they have established an impressive reputation.

Most of the industry experts have recommended Sapizon to businesses that are looking to outsource their customer support services. They are known to possess an experienced team of support professionals who are available 24/7 and specialize in troubleshooting customer issues.

An IT helpdesk helps resolve common end-user issues and ensures an uninterrupted flow of day to day operations. It basically provides level 1 support which consists of quickly responding to queries and providing instant resolutions. It lightens the burden on your support team significantly.

An active helpdesk will help you improve your customer support with constant monitoring of customer interactions. By providing effective solutions in minimal on a consistent basis, you can smoothen the workflow and daily operations seamlessly.

With an uninterrupted streamlining of services, the IT helpdesk aims to improve your support system with regular feature upgrades and robust monitoring which allows them to pick out any irregularities quickly. Once they are picked out, the IT helpdesk team can collaborate with other teams to resolve them.

Top technical support companies in the UK rely on the best ticketing systems, the best communication channels, and an able support staff to set up a reliable IT helpdesk process. Businesses seek productivity, increase in profits, an increase in sales, and reputation enhancement through customer support.


How do I find the best HRMS solutions?

You can find here @LogSafeInternational, which offers best HRMS solutions by working as the best attendance management software that works for real-time attendance management, where it also integrates all the aspects of salary payments, attendance, time management, etc., in one platform.

It is a Real-time attendance, you can do Salary calculation - Tax computation. Leave management - Payslips. Salary payments - Today's statistics - Visitor management. Manage multiple locations across the globe with GEO

It functions easily on mobile. The software allows GPS tracking and helps employees check-in and out even when they are working offsite for Strong Reporting. It relieves employees from the complexity of getting approvals through emails every time.

And all the employees can also manage their own leaves data. It is like “one size fits all”. You will have all the features within this single application.

It's actually a bulk package used for tracking employee attendance and time. This automated time and attendance software enable the organization to manage employee services, hours, pay rates, and locations.


How can I get Twitter followers and unfollowers stats?

You can get both your followers and unfollowers Twitter stats by the tool Followeraudit.

following, followers and unfollowers stats are provided by this tool of your or any other public Twitter account which can also help you to track competitors stats and compares yours with them.

There many other features also which you get with followeraudit.

Visit its official site to get better information.

Computer Printers

Where can i get best hp printer support for free?

I had an issue with my HP printer and I approached official HP Phone Number 1~(413) -307-5298(cost free) and they folks help me a great deal. in this season of isolate, they take care of my concern online in a split second. Much appreciated folks for your help and technical support.


Do Dragons have genders(Mythical)?

Yeah there are actually lot.


What is the best service center for moto mobiles in Bangalore?

Motorola Service Center in Bangalore is an authorized and leading service center in Bangalore for only Motorola branded Mobiles. We provide perfection in every service we pursue because we aim to fulfill our customers need and live up to your satisfaction. Motorola Service Center in Bangalore is engaged in repairing rather than replacing your gadgets, which is highly cost-effective.


Which is the best adult toys shop in Rajkot?

Pleasurevibes is the best adult toys shop in Rajkot. you can call or whatsapp +919823012518 for order.


Is there any online shop in Surat?

Pleasurevibes is the best online shop in Surat. you can call or whatsapp for order +919823012518


What are Customized Auto Bottom Tray Boxes what's their advantages are?

Auto Bottom Tray is the ideal decision to be a counter showcase box. The base plate of these cases is conveyed in its default shape and shouldn't be tempered with while gathering the case.

These bundles are sent out in a level shape. They should be collapsed up to get their primary shape. These can likewise be alluded to as pre-stuck collapsing bundles.

The lower part of these cases can be compacted into the state of a plate and can be re-situated into its fixing status when the container is pushed once more into its unique structure.

Computer Programming


The water level controllers are normally the electric devices which are designed mainly for controlling the working of the pumps. These devices are invented for assisting in resolving the issues related to water by supervising the flow of water. The automatic water level controllers meant for the submersible pump are a great boon for an agricultural field where water issues are a great hurdle at the time of cultivating crops. Its working is also useful for factories and also residences.

Basic Features of water level controllers

There are various types of water level indicator gadgets sold in different platforms – offline and online markets. Most of the customers opt to buy the completely automated water level controllers as it is not a mere purchase but an investment.

The water meter found in the water level controllers and its various different features such as level indicator, wireless water level controller and others helps in supervising the working of the motor which aids in decreasing the amount of electricity used. Therefore, it results in a significant amount of water and elects power wastage. It’s working also stops the drying up of motor making it more durable Top manufacturer of water level controllers in Chennai

One of the major benefits of the water level controllers is that it has the capability to supervise power changes when we switch on the motor. The gadget makes sure there is enough supply of water to the overhead tank to get filled up when the water level falls below the required level.

The motor witch is turned on when the overhead tank gets empty and it switches off on its own the moment the underground water tank runs out of water or when the overhead tank is full. So it is a safe option to make sure you have a water supply 24/7 without any supply or motor issues.

The automatic water level controllers have the capability to be designed for pumping the water at the programmed time. This requires no human intervention which is one other major reason why there is a rise in the requirement of these gadgets sump to overhead tank controller in Chennai

The water level controllers are made up of level indicators and sensors which are made to keep the water level in control in the tanks. The indicator or sensors are absolutely safe, electrically supportive and moulded using plastic. These devices are non-corrosive in nature and this helps in better durability and long life usage.

Major Benefits of Water Level Controllers are:

• The controllers require no manual intervention. It can be triggered automatically by programming the timing switches.

• With the aid of these devices, you can alleviate the issue of overfilling the tanks completely.

• You can also avoid the problem of tanks getting completely dried off. This is due to sensors that help in monitoring the water level in every tank.

The purpose of water level controllers also aids in avoiding the pumps functioning at odd hours particularly in the night. It also assures a good quantity of water supply at the peak hours i.e. when the water requirement is high especially in the morning. It also helps in maintaining the quantity of water in the tank all through the day.

Various types and designs of water level controllers can be bought from many best water level controller selling stores in Chennai and other cities

United Arab Emirates

Which is the best PPC Agency in Dubai, UAE?

The Best PPC Agency in Dubai would be Pentacodes IT Solution, Dubai. They are the top leading Digital Marketing company in Dubai, UAE. I have done some projects with them and had a good result from them.

Medication and Drugs

Where to purchase tramadol online?

Tramadol is available online and over the counter. However, online stores might seem more convenient than offline modes. Still, nowadays, the scam rate at online platforms is high. So, whenever you buy tramadol online, keep the below points in mind-

before making a deal, always ensure whether the store is authentic or not.

Understand the terms and conditions of the store.

Never disclose confidential data such as CVV and card numbers.

Visit For More Information -


Is cosmetic dentistry helpful in smile designing?

Reshaping your smile can be done through cosmetic dentistry. The various treatments like dental cleaning, implants, invisalign, braces, dental crowns etc. can help a person to get the kind of smile they always wanted. Even after cosmetic dental treatments the natural look of the teeth can be maintained.


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