How do you recycle metal?

What to do with a car that has been used for 15 years?What about the empty cans after drinking?

The problem of scrap metal recycling cannot be separated from the scrap metal crusher. Only by doing a good job of waste crushing can the recycling of scrap metal be more conducive.

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Yuanshi Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the production of large-scale hydraulic packaging shearing machinery crushing equipment. The main products are: scrap car dismantling machines, scrap steel recycling equipment, all kinds of metal waste plastic tearing Crusher, shears, scrap cakes machine and hydraulic waste baler.

Late Model 1979-New Ford Mustangs

What is the rear end gear ratio on a 1983 mustang GT with a automatic?

No 1983 Mustang GT came with an automatic transmission. All 5.0L Mustangs in 1983 had a 3.08:1 rear gear ratio. The 2.3L Turbo GTs got a 3.45:1 rear gear ratio. There were no optional ratios available for either engine.

Painting and Staining

What is the purpose of staining a specimen?

To get a better look at it

Cooking Techniques
Food Safety

How long does it take to fry fish?

Fish fries very quickly and is often overcooked, especially since it continues to cook after it is removed from the pan. The rule of thumb I have seen is to allow 10 minutes per inch of thickness for fresh fish. Assuming you are cooking average size fillets rather than frying a whole fish, that means only a couple of minutes in a deep fryer, and even fewer per side if you are frying in a skillet. As soon as the fish starts to turn from clear flesh to opaque, its close to, if not ready, and its safer to remove it from the oil early, let it sit for a few minutes to continue cooking on its own, then test it for donneness with a fork to see if its flaking.How long it takes to fry fish will depend on the heat applied and the size/thickness of the piece of fish. It should take around 3-5 minutes on each side to fry fish.

English to Hebrew

What is the Hebrew word for lightning?



What do Japanese people do for entertainment?


English to French

What is hello in French?

Well there is an informal and a formal way of saying "hello" in French.

If you want to just say "hi" to your mates you would say "Salut" (informal)

If you want to say "hello" formally you would say "Bonjour" (formal)

Dog Training
Dog Care
Human and Animal Interaction

How do you convince parents to get a dog?

First, you should POLITELY ask no if they decline, arguing or complaining will make them think you are not mature enough to handle and\or take care of a dog. Second you should ask if there is something you can do to get the dog as a "reward". Third, if they still say no, then tell them that you will take care of them, and save up money for vaccines for the dog.

Note: A few of the reasons why your parents do not want to get you a dog is because, they don't want to end up taking care of the dog. Another reason is that, sometimes your parents may be in a tricky place in terms of money, please, and I beg you, do NOT yell or complain at your parents if that is the case, I cant stress enough, they are trying to do there best to sustain a good lifestyle for you!

Hope this was helpful!

Planetary Science

Do planets circle the sun?

The planets do circle the Sun because they can move around it when the time changes

From Rebecca xx

Chevy Trailblazer

What is the Gas tank size of a 2003 trailblazer?

I believe it depends on the trim level of the 03. I have an 03 TB LTZ made early in the year with an 18.7 gallon tank. The next wave of 03 models were built with 22 gallon tanks. Looking to find one in salvage somewhere so I can swap em out! Hope this helped...

US Presidents
Political Office Holders
US Vice Presidents

Who were the two presidents who had vice presidents from different political parties?


Animal Life

What is the most common sea creature in the world?

If you think about the marine food chain you can work this out.

The basic food in the sea is provided by the phytoplankton (single celled plants the float about in the top layers of the oceans). This is eaten by zoo plankton which are very small animals that also float about near the sea surface (except that they swim up at night and down during the day) - everything else living in and from the sea feeds on the zoo plankton or on animals that eat the zoo plankton.

Thus as creatures are animals the most common creatures in the sea and thus the most common sea creature in the world is the zoo plankton.

Time Zones

If it is 12 o'clock pm in the US what time is it in London?

If it’s 4 o’clock in United States what time is it in London

Abraham Lincoln

What jobs did Abraham Lincoln have before he became president?

post man railroad splitter runner

English Language
Word Brain Teasers
English Spelling and Pronunciation

What is the only English word that is spelled alphabetically?


Environmental Issues
Green Living

What do renewable resources and nonrenewable resources have in common?

Non-renewable resources are things that can only be used once, like coal, oil and natural gas, (because it will take millions of years for them to be produced again). When these are burned, they let off carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.

Renewable resources are things that we can use, and they will still be there tomorrow to be used again. Sunlight and the power of the wind, the waves and the ocean tides are all renewable. We can use them today to generate electricity, and then do the same tomorrow, and probably for ever. Unlike the fossil fuels above, they have no carbon emissions once they are set up.

What they have in common is that they can all be used to produce electricity to power our cities, factories and transport.


Why are Oreos called Oreos?

Once upon a time... the Oreo creators were sitting around deciding what to call the cookie they had made. A plate of Oreos sat in the middle of the table. A man, no one knows who, was stuffing his mouth with them. Someone finally asked him what they should call it. He shrugged and said, "IDK" (but he said the actual words) with his mouth full. Everyone else heard him say, "Oreo." Thus, we get the name Oreo for this delicious popular brand of cookie.

Farm Animals
Cows and Cattle
VW Transporter

How does a cow sleep?

Cows sleep lying with their front feet folded under and their back legs tucked under them, but so that either the left or right hip is resting on the ground (which ever side they prefer to lay on). They will either sleep with their head on the ground pointing towards their rear, or stretch out on their sides and sleep with their feet splayed out. Cows doze on their feet as they are chewing their cud, but they never sleep on their feet as their legs cannot lock like horses' do; plus their legs take a lot of weight, which makes it a very good excuse to lay down to rest for a while.


What foods should you eat if you have diarrhea?

If you have diarrhoea, stay with simple foods like steamed chicken or fish; white rice; dry toast or toast with a thin coating of butter (in Australia, add a thin layer of vegemite).

Avoid eating red meat; sweet cakes and biscuits; fruit of any kind; fibrous vegetables; and dairy foods.

Veterinary Medicine

What is the primary role of a veterinarian?

My dog was treated by my vet for siezures 3-monthes ago . He has done well on the meds. A few days ago he started having siezures. he had 5 in less than 30 hours. I called the vet an they refused to help for lack of full payment. He had a few more after. I,m on SS. Get payed the 3rd. They know I would pay as soon as my money came in. They would,nt even take a partial now my dog isn,t right. He is confused ,stumbles can,t walk right whines can,t see right . The siezures have done something to him. I,m still waiting on the 3rd. for my SS check. My dog is gonna be permantly damaged an maybe even put down. Do you feel this is really right!

Back Neck and Spine
Head, Ears, and Nose
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What could cause sporadic pain in back of head and ear spasms?

Hi there Sounds like you wrenched a muscle or have a touchy nerve. The spine holds all organs and muscle together, so if you back is out then it can bother your neck, cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, numbling of arms, fingers, legs and toes, buzzing in the ears and achy all over. I would suggest you see your chiropractor and have an assessment done. Meanwhile, if you have a thoughtful mate or good friend get them to give you a good back and shoulder/neck massage. THIS IS A GOOD MASSAGE: Start at the base of the back (small of the back) and work up. Do not press down and out, but hold the sides of the body (right up the rib cage) and massage inward towards the spine. When massaging the upper shoulders and neck area, gently press and knead that area. Feels sooo good! Hope you're feeling better soon. Marcy

Sunrise and Sunset Times

What time is sundown in Chicago today?


Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets

How many grams of carbohydrates are in a carbohydrate?

A carbohydrate is mass, and "gram" is a unit to measure the weight of mass. So any given mass of carbohydrate will have a weight measurable in grams. For instance, 1 cup of corn weighs 166 grams. Of that weight, 123 grams are carbohydrates. I think your real question may have been, "How many calories in a gram of carbohydrate?" This is a little tricky because indigestible fiber is considered to be carbohydrate but being indigestible has no calories. Non-fiber carbohydrates are considered to have 4 calories per gram. So in the example of the corn, there are 12 grams of fiber. This leaves 111 grams of carbs times 4 calories = 444 calories from carbohydrates. There are 16 grams of protein in the 166 gram quantity and protein is also counted @4 calories per gram, so 4x16= 64 calories from protein. Fat is considered to have 9 calories per gram and the cup of corn contains 8 grams of fat, so 8x9=72 calories from fat.

Coins and Paper Money
US Coins

What is the value of a 1776 1976 drummer boy quarter?


Video Games
Sonic the Hedgehog

Are Sonic and Tails brothers?

Tails is Sonic's sidekick, and while no they're not related, they treat each other like brothers, because they've been best friends for a long time.

Not to mention one is Fox and the other is a Hedgehog.


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