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It all depends. A knobbly tyre will have a poorer grip on a smooth surface than a smooth tyre, while a smooth tyre will have poorer grip on a loose surface than a knobbly tyre.

But overall a smooth-tyred road bike, on a smooth and clean road, can brake and corner harder w/o skidding than a bike with knobbly tires can.

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On true ice, MTB tyres are only a little better than road tyres. And that improvement comes from softer rubber. But what you really want on ice are studded tyres, something to really bite into the ice and create traction.

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Q: Have mountain bike tires got more grip than road bike tires?
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Why do mountain bikes have different tiers than a road bike?

because the traction on the mountain bike tires have more of a grip to be able to ride on a mountain when a road isn´t that hard to ride on and to need more traction.

What bike is faster hypothesis?

It is hypothesized that a road bike with a streamlined frame and lightweight components would be faster than a mountain bike due to its lower weight and aerodynamic design. The road bike's thinner tires and more aggressive riding position may also contribute to increased speed compared to a mountain bike, which is designed for off-road terrain and features wider tires and a more upright riding position.

How does a mountain bike differ from a street bike?

A mountain bike is made to be ridden on rough terrain so it has tough, knobby tires; a heavy, strong frame; and shock absorbing features. A street bike is designed to be ridden or smoother surfaces, therefore it has smoother tires, a lighter frame and lower handle bars so you can see hazards more easily.

How do you increase friction on a bike?

You can increase friction on a bike by using tires with a higher tread pattern, inflating the tires to the recommended pressure, and keeping them free from debris. Additionally, using brake pads with more grip and adjusting them correctly can also help increase friction when braking.

Why do drivers use new tires?

Because new tires give a better ride and more grip on the road.

Why do racing cars use bald tires?

The more rubber on the ground = more traction or grip for the cars e.g. more speed.

How does low air pressure in bike tires reduce the efficiency of a bike?

low tires cause drag and it takes more to push these tires down the road. most bikes run about 40psi.

What are two way that friction is harmful and two ways that friction is helpful when you are riding a bike?

Friction is harmful on a bike by causing wear and tear on the components like brake pads and tires, leading to replacements. It can also make pedaling more difficult, resulting in increased fatigue for the rider. Friction is helpful on a bike by providing the necessary grip between the tires and the road for stability and control. It also aids in slowing down the bike when brakes are applied.

Is a laptop more expensive than a mountain bike?

Depends what laptop and what mountain bike and the deals you're getting for them.

Why are wider tyres better than narrow tires?

They grip more road surface.

What are the benefits of using Buckshot tires?

Buckshot tires are best used on vehicles for off-road driving. These tires are more durable and have better grip on a variety of terrain compared to regular tires.

Are there different types of off-road bike tires?

Kinda-sorta, but it'd depend on how finicky you are, and what bike you're talking about. A "real" road bike will often be built only to take narrow, high-pressure road tires, so a wider, softer terrain tire just won't fit in the frame/fork. But if your bike has enough room for wider tires, then there are "terrain" tires available for most of the wheel sizes used today. The biggest selection is in the 26" AKA 559 mm ETRTO and the 28" AKA 700C AKA 622 mm ETRTO sizes, where you can find tires for just about any terrain. Spiked/studded winter tires, tires for gravel/hardpack, mud tires, and so on.