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Sure it's alright.

It might be a bit hard to find a "proper" road bike in the right size for a 13 year old. And doing a lot of riding on a bike that's too big isn't much fun and can also be outright unhealthy.

A kid, or a junior racer won't be allowed to compete on an "adult" bike either.

If either of the parents has the required skills it might be better to go for a rigid frame/fork mountainbike, and "roadify" it, with narrow, slick tires and perhaps a drop bar or drop bar ends. There are a few hurdles and tricks to that, but a net search for "drop bar conversion" should tell you all about what's needed.

Also, at 13 a kid is still on the young side to be able to judge traffic well, which is important if the kid wants to do a lot of riding.

There's nothing wrong with lycra, it's a sports outfit, made for the purpose. The tight fit reduce air drag, and the material wicks sweat away from the body. More comfortable in every way. Wearing it while riding is just as right as a footballer wearing the team uniform in the field.

I suggest you look for a local cycling club. They might know someone who's just outgrown his junior bike, and may even offer organized training rides that the kid can join. There's safety in numbers, and a lot more fun to ride.

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Q: Is it all right for a 13 year old boy to ride a road bike and wear lycra?
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