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Well these bike are very different to each other,

Coincidentally I own a Revell Dxs and my friend has recently bought a 2009 Kona Shred. I think that your choice is down to what you prefer to do on a bike the Revell is a very nice ride, I've had mine a few months and i feel very confident on it and its so smooth, easy to throw around and tough.

The Revell i use for street, dirt jumping and general riding. Also the Revell comes with 24" wheels, 24" wheels are faster accelerating, stronger and more maneuverable than 26" wheels however you will feel bumps more and there is less stability at higher speeds.

In my opinion both bikes are good bikes it just depends what you do, the Revell is more Dirt/street orientated and the Kona is more of a all rounder. So on the Kona you will be able to more types of riding but not dirt or street as well as the Revell.

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Q: Should you get a kona shred or a revell dxs jump bike?
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