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There are many types of scrap metals. There are ferrous scrap metals and there are non ferrous scrap metals as well as precious metal scrap and exotic metal scrap. Each type of scrap metal sells for a different price per pound. Also depending on the grade of the scrap metal (prepared, unprepared, stripped, etc.) and your location in the world, the price of scrap metal will vary. Supply and demand also dictates the price of scrap.

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Q: What are scrap metal selling for a pound?
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What is the trade in value of a pound of aluminum in the state of Maryland?

The trade-in value of a pound of aluminum in Maryland varies depending on market conditions, scrap metal prices, and the buyer. It's recommended to check with local scrap metal yards or recycling centers for current rates.

What is the measurement uded to buy scrap metal?

Scrap metal is sold by weight, in the US usually by the pound or ton.

How much is scrap metal worth per pound?


How much for scrap metal?

13 cents per pound

What is the price per pound for scrap metsl in mi?

The price paid per pound for scrap metal fluctuates in the state of Michigan. The average price for scrap metal per found paid in 2013 was 165 dollars a ton.

How much scrap brass per pound?

Brass prices right now are just over $1 a pound. If you are selling scrap you will get a little less as the scrap yard needs to make a profit too.

How does a scrap yard work?

A scrap yard works by opening the yard for people to drop off metal items. The person is paid per pound. The scrap yard hauls the metal to a different location and receives more money per pound.

How much is 100 pound scrap metal worth in ct?

Not much.

What is price of scrap metal?

Scrap metal prices are different for nonferrous and ferrous scrap metals. Ferrous scrap metals (iron, steel) are typically in dollars per ton whereas non ferrous scrap metals are in dollars per pound.

Is scrap metal bio degradable?

scrap metal is not biodegradable in the most common sense of the word. Scrap metal should be recycled at your nearest scrap yard. By scrapping copper aluminum and iron scrap metal, depending on the current prices, you could sell it for a hefty amount of money. currently copper is 3 dollars per pound.

How much is scrap metal today?

The price of scrap metal fluctuates daily and varies by location, type of metal, and market demand. You can check with local scrapyards or online scrap metal pricing websites for the most up-to-date information on current scrap metal prices.

What is the current price scrap metal?

The current price of scrap metal depends on the type of scrap metal. There are different prices for non ferrous and ferrous scrap metal prices depending on your location in the world. Prices also fluctuate on a daily basis Some average prices for the United States, as of April 15 2011 are: No. 1 Copper $3.30 per pound No. 2 Copper $3.20 per pound No. 3 Copper $3.10 per pound Steel Scrap $380 - 400 per ton