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Q: What must the warning sign at the gangway state when a dangerous product is being transferred?
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Is paint classed as dangerous goods?

Paint is a dangerous good and is classified under Flammable Liquids. If you read most of the content written in most paint products, they would have a warning regarding the hazards of the product.

What is a warning sing?

A warning SIGN - is a sign telling of dangerous conditions ahead

What is the news bulletin in the Harrison story?

It is the warning about Harrison that he escaprd from jail and that he is "dangerous" and a warning not to reason with him.

A product has a warning label that states that it is caustic What is the primary safety concern associated with this product?

*A product has a warning label that states that it is caustic. What is the primary safety concern associated with this product?It is poisonous.It is flammable.It can cause cancer.It can burn your skin.

What happened to the Carter-Wallace product Antiphlogistine medicated poultice?

manufacturer discontinued product without warning

Is nail varnish remover dangerous?

Yes, nail varnish is dangerous because it is highly flammable. You can see the warning clearly displayed on the label.

Is urticaria dangerous?

Yes urticaria is extremely dangerous and can be spread very easily and if your 11 or 12 take extra care just a WARNING beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a flash flood dangerous?

Flash floods are dangerous because they come without warning. There is no way to prepare for a flash flood, because it cannot be predicted.

Is is dangerous to use full house loads in a Model 29-2?

As long as they are factory and have no warning on them, no.

Why are tornadoes the most dangerous natural disaster?

Tornadoes can strike quickly and sometimes without warning.

Do geese have camouflage or warning coloration?

geese are not poisonous or otherwise dangerous, so their coloration is not warning away other animals. They do have predators though, so their coloration is for camouflage.

Why is Amazonian centipedes orange or brown?

Living things like insects have two reasons for their color: camouflage or warning. Camouflage to hide and warning to say "watch out, I am poisonous and dangerous ".