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Q: Where can I get a shift cable for a Schwinn Link bike.?
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What year is Schwinn bike serial number H19577 I believe this bike is at least from the 1940s?

The Schwinn bike serial number H19577 was made in 1951.

What is the weight of Schwinn suburban cruiser bike?

According to the 1980 Schwinn catalog, the Surburban weight w. kickstand is 39 lbs. Frame is "Schwinn Electro-forged of 16 gauge 1010 carbon steel with built-in kickstand housing and welded-on cable lugs."

What year is schwinn skyliner bike?

I called Schwinn......they said it was made in 2008.

Is there a schwinn 684 oakley bike?

There is a Schwinn 684 aluminum road bike, made in the 90s. Oakley 684 is a pair of goggles.

How do you adjust V brakes on a schwinn trail master bike?

The same way you'd adjust v-brakes on any other bike, I'll post a link.

If a three speed bike gear shift will not shift from first to second gear what would be the cause?

Cable too slack.

where can I get my schwinn bike tuned up in orlando fl. and what is included in a tune up?

where can I get my schwinn bike tuned up in orlando fl.and what does a tune up consist of

How do you change display panel batteries on schwinn 222 recumbent bike?

how to install batteries for schwinn 222

How can one purchase a Schwinn Recumbent bike?

One can purchase a Schwinn Recumbent bike at Sears, Walmart or Dick's Sporting Goods. This exercise bike is available on line at Amazon, eBay and Blowflex Catalog.

What is the best price you can get on a schwinn bike?

The cost of a Schwinn bicycle depends on what type of bike one is looking for as well as the features one wants on the bike. According to Shwinn's official website, prices start at around $200 and stretch to above $1000. The average for a Schwinn bicycle is roughly $350.

In what year did Schwinn first produce the Schwinn Krate?

Schwinn first produced the Schwinn Krate in 1963. This bike was characterised by a small front wheel and large handlebars, making it look like a chopper.

How do you reset schwinn bike lock?

buy a new one