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The most specific level in taxonomy (classification of living things) is the species.

Using binomial nomenclature, an organism is defined by its unique genus-species combination, and possibly further by a subspecies (animals), or by a variant or form(plants)

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Q: What is the most specific level of classification and includes an organism's scientific name?
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What two steps in the classification system are used in the 'scientific name' of an organism?

A scientific name consists of a genus and a specific epithet, meaning the organisms genus and species classification.

What is the broadest least specific level of the classification of organisms?


Does a classification system make it easier for scientists to communicate about specific organisms?

Yes, less confusion and more clarity always makes information sharing easier. Otherwise there would be the risk of having more than one name for the same species of animal, which would be a complete mess.

How do you write scientific classification?

Binomial nomenclature ( the generic and then the specific name)

Which of the following is the most specific group used to classify organisms?

species is the most specific classification, the order is: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species and a scientific name is Genus species

What meaning of classification?

The disivion of organisms into groups, or classes, based on specific characteristics​

Identify a specific characteristic used to classify organisms?

There are 7 levels of classification. Species is the specific characteristic used to classify organisms.

How organisms are organized?

Organisms are organized the Classification System. The order of classification ( from most general to most specific ) is: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

Is it true that a classification system makes it easier for scientists to communicate about specific organisms?


How has classification changed over the years?

Classification has really changed over the years. Organisms are now classified in a more specific manner which has ended up introducing so many new species of organisms.

The broadest level of the classification system for living organisms?

Kingdom is the broadest category; species is the most specific.

True or false A classification system makes it easier for scientist to communicate about specific organisms?


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