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Q: Why is the french royal family so unpopular?
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Why was the french royal family so unpopular?

The royals let the people starve.

Why was Marie antointte so unpopular with the french people?

bc she was

How so you say royal in french?

royal = royal 40% of English vocabulary comes from French.

Is there a royal family in Tanzania?

No i dont think so but they might

French word for royal family?

Royal House ( not here meaning palace or castle- such as the House of Romanov)- Dynasty- if its long-established, like the Valois dynasty in France ( which in history classes in English was pronounced Va- Loy- like alloy- in French it is Vall- Wah! Bourbon, too was a dynasty and has differing US ( Burr-bon) and French ( Bour ( rhymes with pure_- Bohn.) so it goes. Drinks are on the (Royal) house.

Why do the British still pay for the royal family to exist?

Some people like the idea of a royal family; acting as a living national symbol.(Me, not so much...)

Why did royal families often intermarry?

In order to keep the royal blood in the family; so the lineage doesn't run out.

What food is the royal family forbidden to eat?

i dont no so muhahahha

Why will camilla be called her royal highness the princess consort when Prince Charles becomes king?

because she is not apart of the royal family, so she will not have the title Queen consort. She was married into the family.

Does Letizia get along with the royal family?

Maria Letizia was the mother of Napoleon I, so I think so!

Why should Prince William be king?

so your questioning the royal family?:P

Is there going to be Christmas special of the royal family?

no there is no plans so far for 2013