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In my experience the shipping either comes on time or one or two days late.

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Q: Does barnes and noble's international shipping come on time?
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What colors do the nook come in?

One. But you can buy different color covers in the Barnes and Nobles book store, or the Barnes and Nobles website.

When do the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books come out?

its already out at barnes and nobles more should be coming out soon

When does the Time Quake by Linda Buckley-Archer come out in the US?

its out and in stores like barnes nobles and library

when does the SI Swimsuit issue come out?

It usually comes out in February. The 2010 issue is already out. One place you can get it from is Barnes and Nobles.

Who is Kathy Wollard?

kathy wolllard is the author of the book "how come?".just look on barnes&nobles .com you'll find her.

Where can you buy Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds manga?

The yugioh 5ds manga did not come out yet and is coming out in January. I am sure you can get them at Barnes and Nobles.

When does Breaking Dawn come out in paperback?

August ... the 13th, or sometime in August. (2010) The release date from Barnes N Nobles is August 3rd. 2010

When will the book the chronicles of vladimir todd twelfth grade kills come out?

According to Barnes and Nobles, it will be available on September 21st, 2010 (you can reserve a copy online now).

When does Twilight Saga Official Guide come out?

It was suppouse to come out on December 30th, 2008. Barnes and Nobles listed it coming out on September 30th, 2009.I heard that it was coming out in November about the same time New Moon comes out.

Does economy shipping come in UPS Does economy shipping come in?

Economy shipping does come in UPS. Economy shipping does come in. The time it takes for the economy shipping through UPS to arrive depends on the type of package, size, and shipping order.

Should you wait for the nook 2 and nook lite to come out to buy a nook?

There is no Nook 2 or Nook Lite coming up. There is a Nook Color, which I think has decreased the price of the Nook. But you can check in the Barnes and Nobles website.

Where can you find Harry Potter quidditch through the ages?

at barnes & nobles it comes with a set so if you buy it itll come with a book called something like "Dangerous Creatures and Where to Find Them" based on harry's textbook in hagrid's class in the 3rd book