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There are many countries that have restricted currency such as Seychelles, India, Belize, Angola and Sri Lanka. Restricted currencies only allow a limited amount of money that can be brought in or taken out of a country.

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Q: What countries are on the restricted currency list?
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What is GCA countries?

GCA stands for General Currency Area. The list of GCA countries is all countries, excluding some rupee currency countries.

List of Countries in General currency area?

All countries other than Nepal, Bhutan and former USSR fall under General Currency Area.

Where can i find a list of countries that have a closed currency?

the pregnant chicken says hi

How do you get the korbos currency on Harvest moon DS?

You can't this currency is restricted to the harvest sprites.

Can you list countries capital currencies and their airline?

India (Capital- New Delhi, Currency- Rupee) USA (Capital- George Washington, Currency - US Dollar)

Why do they make a restricted list in Pokemon?

Pokemon Restricted ListSo they can make a separate list for other Pokemons.

What is a restricted currency?

A restricted currency is a currency that have limits of how much money you are allowed to bring in or take out of that country, this in order to prevent capital flight and ensure that there won't be any shortage of local currency. Currencies is also a common trading object in the financial markets. Trading with restricted currencies can therefore be a problem, hence only a custodian or their sub-custodian are allowed to do trades.

List of countries that usa does not trade with?

Cuba North Korea Israel Iran Sudan Syria However, this depends on the traded items in question. These are just the most highly restricted countries.

Describe what it means for one currency to be rising against another currency?

one countries currency is worth another countries currency.

How many countries have their own currency symbol?

Lots of countries gave currency symbols.United States of America ($ ¢)Other countries that have a currency called the dollar ($)Countries using the Euro (€)Great Britain (£)Japan (¥)Though there are many small countries that has a currency symbol, among them a noteworthy currency symbol is that of India (₹)

How did the decline in worldwide trade contribute to the Depression?

it affected it by people not having money to support there family

Why is the Indian Rupee a restricted currency in the U.K.?

Some countries, such as India, the Seychelles and Sri Lanka have laws that restrict how much local currency you can import or export. For this reason, most companies/ banks/ travel agents in the UK will not sell or buy these restricted currencies. So, if you're heading to one of these countries you'll have to take sterling or get local currency once you arrive. And don't bring back any local cash into the UK. One, you might be breaking Indian law and two, you might lose money as you won't be able to change it back into sterling.