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Q: What are good jobs for an entrepeneur personality type?
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What type of personality air line want?

looking good

What is Steve Jobs's personality type?

ENTP he's up there with Edison annovation wise. However, some argue ENTJ

Judging by Vanessa's personality what type of girls would you say Ferb is into?

Goth girls with a good personality that are wayolder than him.

What type of personality is best for a pediatrican?

kind, compassionate, patient, good with children

Is nintndeogs a good game?

yes but it depends on what type of personality you have will depend on if you like it

What type of personality starts with A?

There is a Type "A" personality. aggressive

What are the types of jobs for different personalities?

well you could probably be a designer to express your diffrent persinaloty or an artist to show people what kind of person u r

What is Oprah Winfrey's personality type?

Oprah Winfrey is a good hardworking successful person.

What are some good paying North Carolina jobs?

It depends on the type of education and experience you have. Some jobs are federal or state government jobs, or any specialty trade type of work is high paying.

Type A personality refers to one who is?

"Type A" personality refers to one who is

What type personality do mechanical engineers have?

The type of personality that mechanical engineers have includes good communication skills, quick and critical thinkers, team work and so much more. This is what will allow them to deliver on their projects.

Why is typing a good skill?

It is important cause you can get better jobs when you can type well!!