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Once the will has been filed in probate the file becomes a public record. You can visit the probate court and request the file. You can sit down and review its contents and make any copies you need. It is a good way for the interested parties to make certain the executor is performing their duties as executor. The inventory will show what property was owned at death. The final account should show the disposition of the property.

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Q: As a beneficiary listed in your fathers will are you entitled to view documentation showing paperwork and distribution of his assets?
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Is the sole beneficiary of a will entitled to the deceased persons retirement?

It depends on the terms outlined in the deceased person's will and retirement account. If the sole beneficiary is named as the beneficiary in the retirement account documentation, then they may be entitled to receive the funds. However, if there are specific instructions in the will regarding the distribution of the retirement account, those would generally take precedence.

If you are not listed as a beneficiary on your fathers life insurance policy are you entitled to anything?

You are entitled to no proceeds from the life policy if the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary is still alive.

What is the sole beneficiary of a will entitled too?

The sole beneficiary is entitled to any assets remaining after the estate has been probated and the debts of the estate have been paid.

What is the difference between a primary beneficiary and a tertiary beneficiary?

A tertiary beneficiary is only entitled to proceeds if the primary and secondary beneficiaries are no longer living.

What if a spouse dies and you may be a beneficiary to their 401k but you divorced 10 years ago are you still eligble?

IF you are still the beneficiary on file for your ex-spouse then you are legally entitled to that money. If there was an updated beneficiary that lists other people as the beneficiary then you are not. On caveat is if you are listed as the beneficiary and the ex-spouse has a will in place that leaves the account to someone else, then you are not entitled.

Does a beneficiary of a life insurance policy have the rights to obtain a copy of that policy once the primary policyholder is deceased?

You wouldn't need it. Once the claim has been paid, the policy would no longer exist. If you are the beneficiary you would be entitled to the money but you wouldn't need the policy paperwork anymore since it technically wouldn't exist.

Can a savings account trust have an age at which the beneficiary is entitled to it?

Yes a savings account trust can have an age when a beneficiary is entitled to it. For example, some people maybe entitled to it at age 18. It is best to contact the bank of the savings account to inquire.

Can the executor of a will receive compensation for being executor and beneficiary?

Unless specified otherwise in the will, an executor is entitled to compensation for their work. Anything they inherit is a separate accounting.

Can the executive to will benefit from the will?

Yes, the executive of the will can be a beneficiary. They are also entitled to compensation for their work.

Can an executor choose not to make a disbursement to an heir if they themselves are an heir and take a disbursement from the estate?

They must follow the distribution plan as provided in the will or by the law of the state. They cannot favor one beneficiary over another unless the beneficiaries agree. An executor is entitled to be compensated for their work, but they must have the approval of the court on the distribution.

If no beneficiary named who is entitled to the wedding rings?

The daughter of the deceased generally gets the jewelry.

What are the rights of each brother when one is executor of the trust?

I am the executor of my mother's estate. When she passes away, I am the one who has to see that all of her debts are paid, buriel is taken care of, who she owes, notifying all creditors, etc. about her death. Making sure Social Security is notified. Each beneficiary is entitled to a full accounting of what the distribution of the estate is. The Executor is responsible for meeting all the requirements of the probate court and providing full documentation and valuation to the court.