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I you don't want to still be married - which you HAVE been for the last ten years - then YES you need to get a divorce.

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Q: Been separated for ten years do you still have to get divorced in Colorado?
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Are Michael Jackson's mum and dad divorced?

They are still married, but have been separated for years.

Am i divorced after my husband dies if we've been separated for two years and he dies am i divorced.?

Not legally since you never actually divorced him

You have been separated for 5 years are you legally divorced in pa?

Yes the law allows you to divorce your spouse legally if you are separated from your spouse for a period of five years.

Do you have to get divorced if separated for more than 7 years?

You never have to get divorced. But if you have been separated for that long, and don't intend to ever resume the marriage, it's a smart idea.

Your boy friend is married amd been separated from his wife for 7 years does that make him still married?

Unless he and his wife were legally divorced in the court of law, then he is still married to her until said event occurs.

Are Katherine Jackson and Joe separated?

Yes, they've been separated for more than 10 years.

Is dmx divorced?

He was married 11 years to Tashera Simmons. On July 22, 2010 they separated

Can a married man who is separated from his wife for thirteen years remarry again?

No. "Separated" is not "divorced". The married man is still married and must obtain a legal dissolution of the marriage before he can remarry. In most places, marrying a second person while still married is called bigamy, and it is a crime.

What should I do if my boyfriend proposed to me when he was still married to someone else even though they have been separated for 13 years?

Answer If your bf has been separated for 13 years, what are you worrying about? I'd say that before you say yes, tell him to get a divorce and then you will be ok with marrying him or accepting his proposal, but only when he is divorced.

Is dino ciccarelli married or divorced?

He is divorced and has been divorced for 3 years and separated from his wife for about 4 1/2 years and has been dating a girl seriously for quite some time now. Rumor has it, he has bought a nice engagement ring for her!

If you married an illegal immigrant and have been separated for 18 years are you considered legally divorced.?

You are still legally married. In fact, you are just separated. However, considering the length of the separation, if you wish to obtain a divorce, a judge will certainly grant it based on the duration of the separation. Good luck!

If your boyfriend has been separated for 5 years how long until he is divorced?

if you have been separated from someone for at least five years then you can apply for a divorce at court without your partners concent. best regards00st2 (solicitor/legal executive)