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Absolutely! The Federal Government has done this many times.

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Q: Can the federal government keep money to states if states don't adhere to federal law?
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The national government provides money to the states through this?

The national government provides money to the states through federal grants.

How does the federal government give money to the states?

all of the above

Can states coin money?

Legal tender can only be minted by the Federal Government.

Why is the federal government responsible for money and banking?

If the federal government wasn't in charge it would be a mess. That would mean there would 50 different kinds money and no rules on banks. It falls to the federal government to make sure the money is good for the United States and overseas.

What is the general term for federal money or resources granted to states or local government?

The general term for federal money or resources granted to states or local governments is known as a grant.

Do you control your money when you declare bankruptcy?

The Federal Reserve controls the money in the United States. The Federal Reserve is a private company not associated with the government.

How has categorical grants increase the power of the federal government?

Another example of federal government taking states power would be the new ways of controlling the states spending, the government now gave out categorical grants from which it could control how the states spent this money. For some states the government was giving out over $200 billion dollars from which 90% of this would be categorical grants and the federal government would regulate how it was spent. The states therefore were restricted on what they could spend the money on and this further showed an increase in federal government's power.

Why can't states coin money?

Making money is the right of the federal government. We have 50 states in the USA. If 50 states made their own money, it would be a mess.

Statement least characterizes sectionalism in the US in 1816?

All the sections opposed spending money from the Federal Government for internal improvements in the States.

Is click it or ticket a federal mandate?

Kinda, but not really. The federal government does not have the power to mandate states to adopt setbelt laws. However the federal government does seem to have the power to threaten cutting off federal transportation money to states which refuse to.

What is one power of the federal gaverment?

The states must obey the rules and laws of Federal Government.

Why did the inability of the government to raise taxes lead to the collapse of the articles of confederation?

Since taxes could only be collected if the states willing gave money to the federal government, many state simply chose not to give sufficient moneys to the federal government. Without money to function, the federal government could not effectively coordinate policies within the United States.