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Q: Does Restitution promotes the concept of restorative justice?
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What sentencing strategy model tries to build on restitution and community participation?

restorative justice

What has the author Theo Gavrielides written?

Theo Gavrielides has written: 'Restorative justice theory and practice' -- subject(s): Restorative justice, mediation, theo gavrielides, restorative justice theory, practice gap, gavrielides

What is Howard Zehr's definition of Restorative Justice?

Whatis Howard Zehr's (authorof "little Book of RestorativeJustice") definition of "restorative Justice"?

What are the cons of restorative justice?

cause they suck

What are cons of restorative justice?

cause they suck

What is restorative justice and what does it have to do with parole and probation?

Restorative justice involves restoring trust by repairing damage or harm done to a victim of a crime or to the community as a whole.

What is meant by the term restorative justice?

The term "Restorative Justice" is a justice approach that centres on requirements of the victims, the offenders and the community as whole. Victims participate in process while the culprits take responsibility for the actions.

What has the author Gerry Johnstone written?

Gerry Johnstone has written: 'From experts in responsibility to advisers on punishment' 'Restorative justice' -- subject(s): Restorative justice, Sociological jurisprudence

Restorative justice how does this differ from your criminal justice system?

Restorative Justice is really a theory on addressing offenders in the criminal justice system. It really focuses on repairing (hence restorative) the harm caused to the victim. This could be through community service or even mediation between the victim and the offender. While in the typical criminal justice models it is very offender focused, restorative justice has a larger focus on the victim and repairing the harm caused to the victim/ community instead of just punishing the offender.

What has the author Mark S Umbreit written?

Mark S. Umbreit has written: 'Restorative justice dialogues' -- subject(s): Restorative justice, Mediation, Victims of crimes 'Pathways To Spirituality and Healing' 'Victim meets offender' -- subject(s): Mediation, Victims of crimes, Restorative justice, Reparation (Criminal justice) 'Directory of victim-offender mediation programs in the United States' -- subject(s): States, Directories, Mediation therapy, Restorative justice, Services for, Victims of crimes, Mediation

What has the author Peter Reddy written?

Peter Reddy has written: 'Peace operations and restorative justice' -- subject(s): Restorative justice, Peace-building, Methodology, Case studies, Conflict management

What actors and actresses appeared in Restorative Justice - 2013?

The cast of Restorative Justice - 2013 includes: Michelle Elaine as Nicole Jordan Olgetree as Cell Block Officer Janell Peyton as Amelia