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Yes, she can get a divorce.

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Q: I have a question about remarriage. My ex husband had an affair with another married woman. He married her. I have read in the Bible that a woman can get a divorce from the man if he had an affair.?
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Can you get married if you are still married but cannot find a new husband?

You already have a husband and just because you want another husband unless you divorce your first husband (at least in Western Countries) then you would be a bigamist which is against the law. File for your divorce; get the divorce and you are free to find another husband.

What steps do you take if your husband has married another women?

divorce him

Can you get a divorce in Alberta if your husband has dated another woman?

Yes, you can file for divorce in Alberta or anywhere else in Canada if a husband has dated and cheated on his wife. The wife just has to seek legal counsel and serve her husband with divorce papers.

What does Islam say about if a woman and a man choose to marry again?

AnswerIf remarriage is before the third divorce time and before end of three menstruation periods (or monthly periods or called Edda in Arabic). They can remarry without new marriage contract and without additional marriage obligationsIf remarriage is before the third divorce time but after end of three menstruation periods (or monthly periods or called Edda in Arabic), they can remarry but with new marriage contract and with fulfilling all new marriage obligationsIf remarriage is after the third divorce, then the woman should have been married to another man and divorced from him to be licit to marry again same husband divorced from three times. Remarriage should be after end of three menstruation periods (or monthly periods or called Edda in Arabic).See link below

What does it mean when your husband leaves you for another guy?

It means that ur husband is gay and saying he wants a divorce

Can you have your husband served a petition for divorce if he lives in another state than you?

Yes you can have him served in another state, you may have to ask your local attorney if it is served under his states laws or your own. Great question tho.

What case can be filed for a husband who has empragnated another woman in the Philippines?

its called divorce love

When did Andrew Jackson get married to Rachel Donlson Robards and where?

They were married twice: 1791 at Springfield Plantation in Mississippi and again in 1794 in Nashville, Tennessee. The reason for the "remarriage" was due to the questionable circumstances surrounding Rachel's divorce from her first husband.

Is it possible to remarry your husband after taking khula according to islam?

in Islam it is possible to a woman take divorce 3 times. but after 3 divorce it is not allowed to remarry. but if the woman marry to another man and then take divorce from him again can remarry with the first husband.

Is the word remarriage in the Bible?

The specific word "remarriage" is not used in the Bible. However, the concept of divorce and marrying again is mentioned in various passages. In the New Testament, Jesus speaks against divorce except for cases of adultery, and Paul discusses the topic in his letters, stating that if a Christian spouse is abandoned by an unbelieving partner, they are free to marry again.

Can a wife have more than 1 husband in Islam?

No Islam does not allow a wife to have more than 1 husband. But if her husband dies or her husband gives divorce, she can marry with another muslim.

Why did Ben Carson's parents divorce?

because bens mother found out that her husband had another family on the side so she rented out the house and signed for a divorce