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24.3 degrees C

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Q: What is the air temperature in the checked-in luggage bay in a commercial aircraft?
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What is an airplanes cargo?

It depends if it is a commercial aircraft or a cargo aircraft. Commercial is luggage and possibly mail, while cargo has a wide variety such as food and toys.

What does it mean to plane-side luggage?

Plane-side is a derivative of gate-check in terms of luggage. Plane-side luggage is generally used to describe luggage that was gate-checked, but left on a designated cart next to the stairs of a small aircraft. This cart of luggage is then taken and loaded into the cargo hold of the aircraft. Upon arrival, the luggage is taken off first and carted to the aircraft stairs for passengers to retrieve.

What is a baggage carousel?

A baggage carousel is a conveyor to transport luggage from aircraft, trains or luggage shuttles to claiming passengers.

Can i carry a Cigarette lighter in hand luggage in an aircraft?

Not in the US.

What is a carry on champ?

The person who carry huge luggage into the aircraft cabin.

What are cat carriers note this is for research?

Cat carriers are portable containers designed to safely transport cats. They typically have a handle for carrying, a secure latch to prevent escape, and ventilation holes for air circulation. Cat carriers are commonly used for vet visits, travel, or other situations requiring the safe containment of a cat.

What does the Cessna 406 carry?

The Cessna 406 is a twin turboprop executive aircraft. It can carry 14 passengers and about 1,000 pounds of cargo or luggage.

Is passenger movement authorized on an aircraft transporting Ethyl Chlorothioformate?

Private transportation in luggage is probably restricted, though you would need to check with your carrier and the customs authorities at the destination and transit countries. Commercial transportation would need clearance by carrier / shipper.

What are the aims of Warsaw convention?

The Warsaw Convention deals with airlines' liability for passengers' luggage.

Why do we have to weight your luggage in the airport?

All aircraft have a certain weight limit that must not be exceeded for safety reasons. By figuring the number of people and luggage items the plane will carry, the airline can decide what the maximum weight for each bag can be. If a piece of luggage exceeds this weight, or if there are excess luggage items, it may have to be sent out on another flight, which is more costly. This is why you may be charged a fee for bringing more than a few pieces of luggage or having luggage that weighs more than a certain amount.

Can you take dry fruit in the carry-on bag?

Yes there is no problem taking dry fruit (or even normal fruit) on an aircraft in the carry on luggage.

What amount of luggage can you take when being deported from America?

Probably no more than what a regular traveller would be allowed to take aboard an aircraft.