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Apart from horses, only in zoos.

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Q: Do horses zebras kangaroos and hippos live in russia?
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Why are zebras related to horses but are not horses?

Zebras and horses are both Equine animals. Zebras are horses, in another term, Zebras are horses with stripes.

Are horse related to any species of wild animal?

Obviously horses are related to other wild equids such as zebras, but surprizingly they are also related to hippos and rhinos

Do zebras like the snow?

Zebras are like horses. Horses do not prefer snow, neither do Zebras.

Are there hippos zebras and monkeys in Liberia?

yes cuz its in africa

How can horses be bred from zebras?

Horses can't be bred from zebras. Zebras have a different chromosome count than horses. Crossing them produces a sterile hybrid just as occurs when breeding horses and donkeys.

Zebras run faster than horses?

zebras can run faster than horses

What is the scientific name for zebras and horses?

The scientific name for zebras is Equus zebra, and for horses, it is Equus ferus caballus. Both zebras and horses belong to the same genus, Equus.

What animal is related to horses and zebras but does not look like it?

The rhino (rhinoceros) is an odd-toed ungulate like horses, zebras, donkeys, and tapirs. They are all in the order Perissodactyla while even-toed ungulates (mostly herbivores with multiple stomachs) are in the order Artiodactyla (cows, sheep, goats, hippos, deer, pigs, camels, giraffes, and antelopes).

How are zebras and horses mammals?

Zebras and horses are mammals because they give birth to live young (their foals).

Are zebras white horses that paint on their black stripes?

No,zebras are in the horse family, but are not horses..They are born with their stripes.

Are zebras hourses?

No zebras are not horses. They are to totally different animals.

Do zebras and giraffes live in Russia?

Russia is in northern Europe and Asia. Zebras and giraffes live on the plains of Africa. So, outside of possible zoos, giraffes and zebras do not live in Russia.