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Not all weight is fat. Some weight is made up off muscle and water. It really depends what percentage of fat is in your body. This is why big wrestlers weigh over two hundred pounds but they don't look like they have a inch of fat on them. Of course most of them are known for doing steroids but other than that no fat at all. You also tend t gain fat and muscles as your body keeps growing. It really depends on how much fat you have to consider if your fat.

I would say no

I don't believe so. You don't sounds fat, I am 12 and weigh 80 pounds but I'm 4'11 and very light and thin for my age. Most of my friends are a little taller and weigh 90-100 pounds.

Feel good about urself! its who you are I weigh more than you and I am ten

87 pounds is a nice weight to be at!

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When you convert kilograms into pounds, 63 kilograms is 138.891 pounds, which would be considered overweight. The average 11 year old female weighs 81.5 pounds, and the average male weighs 78.5 pounds.

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It depends on your height, check a BMI calculator on the web.

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Q: You weigh 63kg you are 11 years old you over weight?
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I am 14 years old 4'10 and weigh 94 lbs am i over weight?


I am a 5'3 female that's 21 years old and weigh 147 am i over weight?


If your 11 years old and you weigh 10.5 stones are you over weight?

Yes. You are classed as severly obese.

If you weigh 125lbs and you are 14 years old and you are 5 ft how much should you weigh?

This suggests that this person may be over weight. One would need to weigh 114 lbs to be in the higher end of the 'healthy weight' spectrum.

You weigh 104 and i am 11 years old but i am 5'4 is that over weight?

Hun, I'm 5'4" and almost 18. I weigh 135 and I'm considered skinny. The only reason i weigh that much is because of muscle. So at 5'4" and 104 lbs, no that is not over weight. Heck if I lost enough to weigh 104 i'd have nothing left on me! :)

You are 12 years old and you weigh 115 pounds are you over weight?

probably not, it depends on how tall you are. If you are taller then 5 foot, no

I am 14 years old and i am 5'3 and i weigh 119 pounds is that considered over weight average or skinny?

It's average.

If you are 11 years old and you weigh 101.6 and 4.7 feet are you over weight?

yes very over weight my son is 12 and he weighs 80 and is 4.9 and hes just about right

Is a 3rd grader suppose to weigh 75 pounds?

Yes,third graders are about to weigh 75-85lbs. If over that weight you are considered over weight.

I am 13 years old and weigh 125 and my height is 5 foot 3 am i over weight?

no way. I'm 14 and weigh 140 pounds. dude you're fine.

How much does timbaland weigh?

It is not known how much Timbaland currently weighs. He did lose a lot of weight over the past few years.

You weigh 9 stone and you are 13 years old is that over weight?

9 stone equals 126 pounds. Depends on the height.