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This is one of the Horror stories of WW2. If people were taken straight from the transport train to the gas chambers, they no doubt thought they were just going to the showers, but, if they had been taken to the main camp, and then at a later stage were removed during the 'selection' system, then I am afraid they KNEW!!

There is the story of a Rabbi who was on his way to the Chamber with hundreds of Women and Children, who prayed to God, and Said something to the effect; "God, if you are real, save my people from this horror" Then, as the 'shower' doors closed on him and his people, he was hear to shout, "You are not a True God, you do not exist, it's all been a lie!!" and then the doors closed, and the gas entered.

This story, with the name of the Rabbi was told by people who were still alive when the Russians entered this Camp in Poland, and shows the true horror of all this.

The next question that could be asked, is just how could people do this, to other human beings? There is no true answer to this!

We, in our 'safe' lives, would say, " I would not do this, I would refuse!" But think about it? Would you refuse, if it meant you were pushed in with these poor people? WELL, MAYBE some of us would! But many of us would just do what we were told to do.

The sad thing about this is, that after the second or third time you did this, you would start not to even think about it anymore.

Which is why, nothing has changed in this World. The same things are being done right now in many parts of the World, though not in the same massive numbers.

History tends to repeat it's self, and if you read History, you will find many incidents of this nature, people killing other people, and in the past in very large numbers.

Only the Methods changed. In WW2 Science was used, not the sword as in the 'old' days.

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Q: Did people know when they were sent to gas chambers?
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