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The Franco-Russian Alliance went back to a Treaty in 1892. The Germans, Austro-Hungarians and Italians had entered into the "Triple Alliance" in 1882, leaving Russia isolated. The French had felt isolated since starting, and losing, the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. So their alliance was a counter-balance to the Triple Alliance.

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Q: How did France win Russia over as an alli from Germany during World War 1?
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Which was NOT one of the Allied Powers during World War 1 Germany Russia the US France?

The answer to the question is Germany. Germany was not one of the Allied Powers during World War 1. The Allied Powers during World War 1 were: Russia The US France

What was Germany's aim during World War I?

To defeat Britain,France and Russia.

Who were Germany's enemies during World War 1?

The enemies of Germany in World War I were Britain, France, Russia (left in 1916), America (joined when Russia left) and Italy (joined in 1914). Also Serbia & Romania were enemies of Germany.

What were the initial countries in World War 1?

Germany Russia Brittain France Austria

What countries was invaded by Germany in world war 1?

France, Belgium & Russia

What were five countries from each alliance during World War 1?

-Russia & Serbia -Germany & Austria-Hungary -France & Russia -Britain & France & Belgium -Japan & Britain

What countries were invaded by France during World War 2?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

Who was Russia aalied with in World War II?

After Britain and France gave away Czechoslovakia to Germany, Russia made a nonaggression pact with Germany. Then after Germany attacked Russia, Russia allied with Britain, the USA and Free France, and other Allied nations.

Why did France go into World War I?

France went into World War 1 because it had an alliance with Russia. When Germany declared war on Russia, France went to help its ally.

Who was on turkeys side during world war 1?

Japan, United States, Russia, France, Italy, Serbia and Germany. Of the above the only one in fact is Germany !

Why is Russia not to blame for World War 1?

Russia cannot be blamed for World War I. There were various alliances in Europe during the time that would create war due to association. The following alliances existed: Russia and Serbia, Germany and Austria, France and Russia, Britain and France and Belgium, Japan and Britain.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War 1?

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.